Friday, September 29, 2006

Hello Again

my good and noble comrades. it has been far far too long. after a rather tumultous summer, i am back in the game, embracing my last year of my undergrad degree for all it is worth. my future is uncertain, and i am scared at times, but i know there are things in my life that are certain, the things that matter. i know there are people who love me, and people that i love and i am trying to cherish all of the moments that fill me with joy so that when i launch myself into the "so now what" days, i will have them to hold on to. my universe is so harmonized right now, and i am so thankful for that. so thank you, to all of you, all of you artists and poets and beloved friends of mine, who were there through the thick, who inspire me with your beauty, and who keep me honest. i love you all. extra love goes out to jill, clancy, owen, shayla, amit, and of course, my darling nikolai. its been one hell of a ride. L'CHIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Nice To Have Others To Speak For Me

Bliss Like This: By Ani Difranco
i said venice
you heard vegas
now i say either way
baby lets go
i get so shaky
and i just cant shake it
i bliss like this
im one of those
bit i dont wanna wear you
wear you like a band aid
wave you like a ticket
out of my good grief
i just wanna know you
know you like i know my garden
what you smell like when youre bloomin
what lives underneath
deep down underneath
way down underneath
we do a whole lotta laughin
at the shyness that surrounds us
i do a whole lotta looking
somewhere else
i dont need to look
no, i can just feel you
besides everytime i see you
it just forces me to look at myself
cuz i get so shaky
and i just cant shake it
i bliss like this
im one of those
and i said venice
and you heard vegas
but now i say either way
lets go
cmon baby lets go