Monday, June 18, 2007

New Painting and Apologies

My good and noble comrades. i am sorry for my long silence. in light of the fact i have disconnected my internet, i have not been able to post as often, and on the occaisions that i have had the opportunity, i havent had much to say. BUT i finally finished the painting amit commissioned from me (above) so i thought id post. i call it self portrait number three, aka painting for amit. this photograph is not the greatest, its a little grainy (im not sure why, lets blame amit, shall we?) but you get the idea. in other news, there just has not been a whole lot going on with me, i moved to my new place, its pretty good, im no longer at the bar, and my work schedule with special needs will be picking up considerably starting in july. my phone took over a month to get connected (UNACCEPTABLE), ive been getting lots of writing done lately, and i guess thats about it. so, sorry again my friends, i will try to keep my blog a little more updated, its just that i havent got much to write about lately. catch you all on the flip side :)