Thursday, March 19, 2009

6 Minutes To Post

greetings, comrades. as my title would indicate, i only have six minutes to post... well, down to 3 now, so i am briefly putting up some highlights of callie's visit. i shall do a longer post as soon as i am able. im also working on getting a video up on here, but its proving to be a rather painful process. anyway, the above photo is of anne and i at the library.

this is callies FAHBULOUS new hair cut, which i did all my by self. i also straightened it. so now her hair no longer looks like pasta. but its still kind of making me hungry. she wants me to tell you that she disapproves of this picture. i also took the picture all by myself, and as we all know, i dont have much of a track record with photography. as i said at disney on ice, where is clinton when you need him? (calgary. obviously)
this is callies noodly hair. bravo.

And Then- Disaster!

AH HA! IT FINALLY WORKED! I AM SO EXCITED! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! you have no idea how long callie and i were waiting for this stupid video to finish buffering. and at last, at last, it is finished. so without further ado, here is the video we were shooting when suddenly, disaster struck.
now that i know it works, i will put up the other awesome videos from callies trip as soon as possible

Monday, March 09, 2009

Put In My Place

as those of you closest (as well as plenty not so close) to me are aware, i have had a very long and obnoxious history of complaining about my breasts. theyre too big, too saggy, too mushy, too low, not firm enough, etc, etc, etc. i think this obsession is, in part, due to the fact that my mum is even more obnoxious than i am in that she has been blessed with perfect, firm, fabulous breasts, and they arent hindered at all by the fact that she nursed four children. its a lot to live up to. big shoes to fill. or, i suppose, big cups. anyway, i must admit, i was recently put in my place on this issue. i was looking up prices for breast augmentation. not because im thinking of getting breast augmentation (yeah, right, dave would NEVER let me even if i wanted to) but because i was thinking about doing this piece for this art show about gender. i didnt end up doing the piece, but i was looking up various cosmetic surgery prices for this piece. anyway, i got distracted, of course, and was looking at the before and after pictures for breast augmentation. allow me to demonstrate :

as you can see, these poor ladies are just two examples of having God-given terrible breasts. it almost helps me understand why someone would want implants in the first place. anyway, i have learned my lessons. my titties are not so bad.