Monday, March 09, 2009

Put In My Place

as those of you closest (as well as plenty not so close) to me are aware, i have had a very long and obnoxious history of complaining about my breasts. theyre too big, too saggy, too mushy, too low, not firm enough, etc, etc, etc. i think this obsession is, in part, due to the fact that my mum is even more obnoxious than i am in that she has been blessed with perfect, firm, fabulous breasts, and they arent hindered at all by the fact that she nursed four children. its a lot to live up to. big shoes to fill. or, i suppose, big cups. anyway, i must admit, i was recently put in my place on this issue. i was looking up prices for breast augmentation. not because im thinking of getting breast augmentation (yeah, right, dave would NEVER let me even if i wanted to) but because i was thinking about doing this piece for this art show about gender. i didnt end up doing the piece, but i was looking up various cosmetic surgery prices for this piece. anyway, i got distracted, of course, and was looking at the before and after pictures for breast augmentation. allow me to demonstrate :

as you can see, these poor ladies are just two examples of having God-given terrible breasts. it almost helps me understand why someone would want implants in the first place. anyway, i have learned my lessons. my titties are not so bad.

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