Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pet Peeve

although im not sure, id be willing to guess that i have another post on here somewhere entitled "pet peeve," so please forgive my unoriginality. apparently i am becoming more like my mother every day (as they say things tend to go) because she is constantly referring to things as her "pet peeves." anyway, that being said, allow me to preface my rant about this pet peeve by saying i dont mean any disrespect to children or to mothers who have to take the bus.
anyway, one of my pet peeves are these mothers who have strollers the size of all terrain vehicles who use the bus. obviously, i am all for alternative/public transportation, and obviously, people with strollers are entitled to the same bus ride as anyone else. but FIRST of all, WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED A STROLLER THE SIZE OF A SMALL CAR?????? I DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! and second of all, if i am trying to navigate a 200 pound wheelchair in a tight space, like the bus, dont just sit there with your fucking stroller and hold up the entire bus because i cant get around you. get off your ass and move the stroller so those of us with wheelchairs can get off as quickly and painlessly as possible. wheelchair riders already have a rough go, and the other passengers are already pissed off because the wheelchair rider is wasting time getting on and off the bus. dont exacerbate the situation by dragging it out. HONESTLY. i swear there should be a license for parents. the world would be a better place.

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