Monday, February 23, 2009

Cold and Irritable

i am cold. and i am irritable. what a day. if i had known it was this cold out today, i would have worn the snowpants i have on loan from barb-a-loot. sadly, i didnt get to hear the weather this morning, because apparently my dad doesnt know how to navigate a digital alarm clock and the volume was turned way down. luckily, my mum called around the time my alarm was SUPPOSED to go off, but anyway, no weather report for me. anyway, i got my first philosophy paper back today and i did ok but not great on it. im supposed to be working on my second paper right now, but in keeping with the oldest of scholarly traditions, i am procrastinating. im thinking that im going to rock out on rock band when im done with this post.
in other news, i am in a laundry crisis.... i think im going to have to go get change at some point, because i have to bite the bullet and laundry it up. which i dont want to do. i wish i had something more interesting to say, but i dont. maybe ill come up with something later. *sigh*

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callie said...

you call her barb a loot? that is an awesome nickname. and don't say "i know"