Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Am The Walrus

well i dont think ive ever mentioned it on here (although i could be mistaken, as i tend to mention the most irrelevant of facts here) but i have a subscriptioin to the walrus, which is a more or less excellent canadian magazine. the only really negative thing i have to say about it is the literature articles tend to embody the kind of exasperating pretentiousness that seems to surround every facet of the canadian art world, which i have no patience for. not to mention they are total margaret atwood disciples, BUT that being said, the journalistic pieces and the fiction and such that get published in the magazine are excellent, so all in all, its pretty decent. ANYWAY the walrus is apparently having a "guilty pleasures" writing contest, whose deadline for submission is july 31, and it says in the magazine to check www.walrusmagazine.com/guiltypleasures for full contest rules. well, if you click on the link i so kindly provided, there is no website to be read, and if you just go to www.walrusmagazine.com and search for the contest using keywords, you cant find it either. so i think the people at the walrus sent the magazine to print before they had the webpage up and running, and since you get the hardcopy about a month before the actual date printed on the magazine, it has made for a rather frustrating turn of events. anyway, way to go guys, way to go.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite

well, while the rest of you normal people were out in tents getting drunk over the long weekend, dave and i were being extreme geeks. how you may ask? ill tell you. we decided on saturday that it was very windy. so windy, in fact, that you could fly a kite. so we wandered on over to zellers, and youll never believe what happened. KITES WERE FIFTY PERCENT OFF!!!!! MAY 15 TO 22 ONLY!!!!! it was like fate. bizarre, hobby related fate. anyway, so we bought a batman kite for the low low price of $1.48 and a big, giant, 1.9m tall rainbowy kite for $7.48. it was awesome. i was so stoked. but alas, we did not have a chance to fly our kites on saturday, because we went and saw the movie earth (which was awesome) and by the time the movie got out dave was really hungry, and after dinner it was too late to go kite flying. but have no fear comrades. we went out on sunday afternoon to sunnybrook park to fly the shit out of those kites. it was beautiful and sunny and we even checked the wind speed before we left. once we got to sunnybrook, we found this enormous flat playing field and started running around like madmen trying to get the big kite up in the air. dave got pretty close at one point, but then the kite got wrapped around a football goal post. but have no fear comrades, we saved the kite. anyway, after a long time and no success with either kite, we were tired and thirsty, so after a brief detour through the woods, we got back in the car. we stopped at harveys and i got a milkshake and a bottle of water (sidebar: i have to admit, even though the price went up, the new harveys milkshakes made with real ice cream are fantastic). rehydrated, dave took me to his old high school where there was more wind on the playing field. you see, the field at sunnybrook was kind of low and surrounded by thick, old growth forest, and it was virtually wind proof as a result. the field at the high school was perfect. so i got the kites reassembled, and we were off. dave had just let go of the big kite, it began to sail, and then POOF the whole thing folded in half. it was very sad, one of the supporting rods in the back cracked and broke into four pieces. we tried to tape it back together, but alas, it was a lost cause. anyway, we rallied and got the batman kite in the air in about one second, and flew it for almost an hour. it was lots of fun, and we decided since kites are still onsale, we are going to buy a replacement for our giant kite and then try again next week. dave took lots of pictures, so hopefully some of them turned out nice and i can post them on here once they are developed. anyway, that was my long weekend in a nutshell... i will keep you all updated on the kite situation as details become available.

Friday, May 15, 2009



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forgot to Title

well here we are on this bright and sunny tuesday afternoon. anne and i are at the library and its SWELTERING in here. in other news, they are doing this really serious renovation of the library and farmers market (both in the same building), and there have been little indications of this project for some time now and then all of a sudden, WHOOSH! the entire entrance has disappeared behind drywall and the whole interior has been temporarily reconfigured to allow for the construction. i was so disoriented when we got here, i felt like i had crash landed on a new planet. anyway, it looks like the renovation of both locations is going to be pretty sweet, and im excited to see how it looks when its done. in the meantime, im wondering how long we will have to deal with this somewhat cramped reconfiguration. you see, the whole first floor is closed off, i believe that is where the bulk of the building is being done, so we have all of the stuff from that floor spread out across the rest of the building as it remains. you also have to take an elevator up just tog et into the library its all very bizarre. i cant believe how fast it happened. if i had realised this was the case i would have brought anne here much sooner, but as it is we were at bayfront park enjoying the sun. anyway, i suppose on thursday, if its not raining, we can come down and explore our new habitat. the only other thing to add is while we were out for coffee anne was being a bit of a lunatic (nothing excessive, just a little boisterous) and you should have SEEN the glare this woman sitting there was giving us. i so wanted to confront her, but i never have the nerve to do that sort of thing. *sigh*

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


man, anne and i just ran into one of her old workers who ive never met, and she made such a big deal about how difficult anne is and was going on about how they better be paying me enough to work with her and she just had such a bad attitude i wanted to scream. and she was asking me about all of her bad behaviours, like does she still do this, does she still do that and im like, no, not really, seldom, etc, and then she was like oh maybe shes medicated, she wasnt medicated with me. and what i wanted to say was, no, im an excellent worker... but i bit my tongue and just said yes shes made alot of progress with me and im very proud of her. nice to meet you, goodbye. and i cant be sure but i think she was the worker that took her to the pool all the time and people have commented to me many many times that i treat anne much better and am much more patient with her than her old worker..... grr. im so frustrated. the only triumph i had here was that while this woman was giving me the third degree, anne sat in her chair, quiet as anything and behaved in the calm, respectful manner i have come to expect from her.