Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forgot to Title

well here we are on this bright and sunny tuesday afternoon. anne and i are at the library and its SWELTERING in here. in other news, they are doing this really serious renovation of the library and farmers market (both in the same building), and there have been little indications of this project for some time now and then all of a sudden, WHOOSH! the entire entrance has disappeared behind drywall and the whole interior has been temporarily reconfigured to allow for the construction. i was so disoriented when we got here, i felt like i had crash landed on a new planet. anyway, it looks like the renovation of both locations is going to be pretty sweet, and im excited to see how it looks when its done. in the meantime, im wondering how long we will have to deal with this somewhat cramped reconfiguration. you see, the whole first floor is closed off, i believe that is where the bulk of the building is being done, so we have all of the stuff from that floor spread out across the rest of the building as it remains. you also have to take an elevator up just tog et into the library its all very bizarre. i cant believe how fast it happened. if i had realised this was the case i would have brought anne here much sooner, but as it is we were at bayfront park enjoying the sun. anyway, i suppose on thursday, if its not raining, we can come down and explore our new habitat. the only other thing to add is while we were out for coffee anne was being a bit of a lunatic (nothing excessive, just a little boisterous) and you should have SEEN the glare this woman sitting there was giving us. i so wanted to confront her, but i never have the nerve to do that sort of thing. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

u could approach the scene by asking her if u r disrupting her day becasue we all have a right to be on this planet...type of thing

callie said...

i like how mom posts anonymously but we both know it's her.