Monday, November 16, 2009


hahahaha so dave and i went to see the vanity fair portraits at the ROM yesterday, and let me tell you, it was excellent. callie, you would have loved it. anyway, THIS fine photograph was the hilarious piece de resistance. you see, not only was this cruise family mountain picnic moment the cheesiest photo in the whole show, this was the ONLY image that didnt have a little blurb beside it about the people in the photo and the photographer. which brings me to my question...... did tom cruise tell them not to write anything about him because he is a crazy control freak (dave's theory)? was the ROM at a loss for words because this ridiculous photo speaks for itself (my theory)? or, did the church of scientology forbid comment because tom cruise has so deftly embarassed them in public that they were covering their asses? let me know what you think.
ps. if i disappear sometime in the near future, it is because the scientologists hunted me down. goodbye cruel world!