Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Morning After The Christmas Party

i greet the morning and look at my clock; it is 830. there is no sunlight since it is cloudy and raining and i know that i will not be getting back to sleep. i get out of bed and drink some water and some apple juice and put on some pyjamas, since i went to bed naked. i get back in bed and notice that i smell of different colognes, none of them mine. i cant help but laugh at all the madness of the party, the hugs and kisses and having to babysit and spending too much money but you cant put a price on fun, i think ahead to this lonesome day, planning my to do list, which i eventually write down. the day c0ntinues, slow and steady into evening, and i get everything done. joyeux noel.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Jesus

well i have been home celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour, which is why i havent posted in a while. not to mention the fact that my life has been more or less unexciting for the last couple of weeks... except for that whole thing where ive started dating a cage fighter lol. but there isnt really much more to say about that at the moment. anyway Christmas celebrations at teh McIntosh home have been more or less excellent, with the community christmas dinner being both successful and delicious. i also recieved a new jacket from my parents which is super exciting because jackets are possibly the most excellent fashion item. i also got a mixing/blending machine from my dad which i am very excited to use... and i have to bake a cake for nikolai on friday so i will be busting it out hardcore. nik is turning 25... damn hes old. lol. anyway tonite is my displaced new years eve to be celebrated with my good and noble comrades, since i will be back in hammer town on teh evening of the actual event. im looking forward to that. also looking forward to my staff party on wednesday which should be pretty sloppy i think. anyway as i was sitting here i just got to thinking about all of my friends at their homes and how im sure were all in teh same boat... simultaneously having an excellent time and missing hamilton. so best wishes as follows:
best wishes to jen, up in ottawa, party hard dear roomate, party hard
best wishes to matt, visiting his grandparents, dont go too crazy with the weed butter
best wishes to amit, in missasagua, have a drink for me buddy
best wishes to shayla, in costa rica, dont get hepatitis
best wishes to meagan, in stratford, i hope your huge family is doing well
best wishes to nida, in ancaster, not so far away from hamilton, hope youre having fun
best wishes to natalia, (in missasagua, i think), i hope your parents are enjoying your boyfriend more
best wishes to all my buddies at work... im sure youre holding down the fort

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What Ever Happened?

well i felt like posting somethng but i dont really have anything exciting to say. soooooooooooo instead i would invite you to contemplate something. what ever happened to matthew broderick? i know hes married to sarah jessica parker and they have a kid now, but i mean come on. the last thing he did that i can recall is that stupid inspector gadget movie, which was so lame. what happened to the days of ferris bueler? and while were on this topic id like to know what happened to a few other people as well. what happened to john cusak? i mean i realise that serendipity movie was probably a career destroying disaster, but why did he do that movie in the first place? didnt he read the script before he signed on? and what happened to michael keaton? did him and tim burton have a tiff or something and now the two of them are depriving us of batman/batman returns/beetlejuice calibre movies? that doesnt seem fair to me. and what happened to susan sarandon? hmmm.....

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My New Anthem

Talk To Me Now: Ani Difranco
He said, "Ani, you've gotten tough"
Cause my tone was curt
And when I am approached in a dark alley, I don't lift my skirt
In this city, self-preservation is a full time occupation
I'm determined to survive on this shore
You know I don't avert my eyes anymore
In man's world, I am a woman by birth
And I turn 19 times around, I have found
They will stop at nothing once they know what you are worth
Talk to me now
I played the powerless in too many dark scenes
And I was blessed with a birth and a death and I guess I just want some say in between
Don't you understand
In the day to day or the face to face
I have to act just as strong as I can
Just to preserve a place where I can be who I am
Talk to me now
Will you still know how, you can talk to me now
He said, "Ani, you've gotten tough"
Cause my tone was curt
And when I am approached in a dark alley, I don't lift my skirt
In this city, self-preserevation is a full time occupation
I'm determined to survive on this shore
You know I don't avert my eyes anymore
In a man's world, I am a woman by birth
And I turn 19 times around, I have found
They will stop at nothing once they know what you are worth
Talk to me now

Monday, December 05, 2005

Sober Chloé Has Left the Building

well. today was exam number one of five total and four in this week. (!) but thats not what i want to talk about other than the fact that i wrote the exam hungover which i also did for the midterm in that class. im such a bad student. anyway so today was such a brutal day. i get to school and i remembered that i had this assignment due today that i had done but i didnt print it off and bring it to school. so i decided to go to my linguistics class, which was more or less a waste of time, and then skip ecology so i could go home and get this assignment because i also had to go all the way to queen street to drop off my damn ass pay sheet for my work with sabrina. so i come home, print off the assignment, mow down on some sidekicks (mmmm hangover) and then go down to queen street, drop off my pay thing, get back on the bus, go back to school and hand in my stupid assignment, and then go write my stupid exam. anyway on the way from queen street to school, the bus was really packed, and all of these high school students got on, and this one kid i felt so bad for. he was probably in about grade nine and he got on the bus and i was standing by the back door and he pushed through and was like excuse me i need to get off, i dont like being crowded. it was so heartbreaking. he was obviously totally claustrophobic and when he walked off he kind of had a gimpy leg and he wore his little toque, and he seemed like such a loner that other kids probably made fun of. and i felt so bad for him my heart was breaking into thousands of pieces as i watched him walk away and i wanted to jump off the bus and chase him down and be like let me walk with you, but alas i could not because of my other obligations. anyway so then after my exam, i got the school paper and a tea and i went to wait for my bus and then the bus came and i opened up my wallet and my student card wasnt there, so i was worried i lost it, so i backed off from the bus to look for it, and the bus driver was waiting for me with the door open and he yells out to me, you cant bring that cup on the bus anyway (which is technically true but most of teh bus drivers let you bring anything on the bus) so by this time i had found my student card and he was liek are you coming or not and i was like no go. so i had to sit in the cold and wait for another bus, but at least i had my tea.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Fire and Water

she is fire, red with passion, red with spark, red with flame.
she is fire, she is red.
he is water, blue with calm, blue with serenity, blue with the cool
he is water, he is blue.
the fire and the water the fire and the water the fire and the water...........
the water quenches the thirst of the fire while the red warms the blue
and the two the two they exist concurrently
together for each other
needing each other to maintain their own existences
she is fire, she is red
he is water, he is blue

OOO, I Love My Brown Eyed Girl

well this is a little belated but heres a big birthday sendout to kate. happy 20th, buddy. heres to many more.

Hey where did we go,
Days when the rains came
Down in the hollow,
Playin' a new game,
Laughing and a running hey, hey
Skipping and a jumping
In the misty morning fog with
Our hearts a thumpin' and you
My brown eyed girl,
You my brown eyed girl.
Whatever happened
To Tuesday and so slow
Going down the old mine
With a transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing,
Hiding behind a rainbow's wall,
Slipping and sliding
All along the water fall, with you
My brown eyed girl,
You my brown eyed girl.
Do you remember when we used to sing,
Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da
So hard to find my way,
Now that I'm all on my own.
I saw you just the other day,
My how you have grown,
Cast my memory back there,
Lord Sometime I'm overcome thinking 'bout
Making love in the green grass
Behind the stadium with you
My brown eyed girl
You my brown eyed girl
Do you remember when we used to sing
Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Go Lab, Go

well today i had the most all encompassing day ever. in my little internal schedule that i have set for the week, i have decided that tonite (monday) i MUST complete my invertebrate lab that is due on thursday in order to have time to do my enormous english essay that is also due thursday that i havent even chosen a topic for. so in order to do this lab i had to go get the data from the life sciences building because the data is in the form of photocopies of strips of paper with lines on them. anyway the data was made available to us on friday but i couldnt go get it friday cause i had to work and i couldnt go on the weekend because i had to work. so today was teh day. so i didnt actualyl know where my tas office was, but my lab group had told me that that was where we were supposed to pick up the infamous data. so im wandering around life sciences and not seeing any data anywhere. so i decide that this isnt going so well so i go to the library to try and see if i can find the tas office number on the internet somewhere. this proved to be a complete waste of time, so i ended up emailing my lab partner with the hope that maybe he would get back to me within an hour or so. so in order to kill some time i got a little lunch (or maybe i did that before the email... yes i think thats actually how it went) anyway, and then i headed back to life sciences to try the fifth floor because i hadnt tried there yet. anyway i was still having no luck so i decided to swallow my shyness and go ask my teacher.
now, my teacher is a little crazy. i think he has a deep seated phobia of undergrads and i know he was eager to get me out of his office as soon as humanly possible, but he was nice and took me to my tas office which was on teh second floor after all, with no label on the door (of course! why would they label the door? if they did that people might actually find the things that theyre looking for!), and this little adventure included a very awkward elevator ride with my teacher as i tried very poorly to shoot the shit with him.
anyway so he knocks on the door of the office and someone answers and he bolts like a bat out of hell, leaving me at teh mercy of this INSANE office that is like 20 little tiny cubicles with tas all working sweatshop style on who knows what but theres a combination lock on the door so im sure it has something to do with taking over the world. so anyway i ask my ta where the data is, and she starts chastising the hell out of me. shes all like i told everyone to get it on friday and youre not the first student to be asking for it this late and i dont understand why this is and blah blah blah. anyway in amongst her chastising i determined that she did not KNOW where the data was because she only made ONE copy for each group and so if the data wasnt lying in a box on the floor in one of the hallways of the enormous building then it was probably gone. but then, after more chastising she told me she still had the originals and that i could borrow mine and photocopy it and bring it back. so then she asks me over to her desk and starts wading through all of the originals except for one and mine wasnt there... and shes looking and looking and looking and not finding mine but she keeps over looking this one, which of course was mine. so she gives it to me finally and chastises me some more for starting the lab so close to the due date. then shes like oh yes and heres your last lab report, and pulls it out of a drawer and shes like i really liked your lab report a lot. most of the students jsut wrote a lot about other papers and didnt consider their own results enough but you didnt do that you write good lab reports, you do it properly. and then she starts giving me all these amazing compliments on my mad lab writing skills and finally gives the report to me, which she had assigned a big fat 90 to. so i was all thanking her and stuff and then i left to make my photocopies feeling very confused indeed.
anyway so i make my photocopies and then my day was more or less uneventful except for this part where some guy told a bus driver to fuck off for letting more people on the bus which was totally uncalled for, and the part where i had to make more photocopies of journal articles... i think ive spent like at least 30 dollars on photocopies this term. its really sickening how much paper ive had to waste. if i have to make one more photocopy, i think i might puke.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Losing Yourself

having never been one for looking people in the eye (a habit which i am constantly trying to get into, but constantly running into a wall of shyness), it takes a few drinks for me to get up the nerve sometimes. but once i do, it can be very rewarding. if you look the right person in the eye, its as if eternity has passed between you. as if those honey brown eyes are swallowing you like pools of warm amber and are never going to release you. and you forget what you were thinking and what you were saying and what you were doing, and that the person behind those eyes is even a person at all. and the only coherent thought that might occur to you is i wonder if there is this kind of power in my gaze? or is it hidden behind all of the sorrow and insecurity and a red pair of glasses. OR is it hidden behind all of these things to most people, but this person sees beyond all that and i have created the same eternity for them... with my eyes green-blue-grey like the sea skies, swallowing and all encompassing and never going to release the other person. and they forget what they were thinking and saying and doing and that the person behind my eyes is a person at all. it is at times like this, when this mutual moment of depth occurs that two people really are absolute before one another.. where these two people are totally vulnerable, open, and willingly so. it is not possible to keep a secret from the other person at this moment, but luckily you cant really say much anyway. and then, just when you cannot stand it for another single second, you break your gaze, or drop your smokes, or its your turn to shoot darts, and the moment has passed, just leaving you wondering if you will ever have a moment, an eternity, like that with someone, anyone, ever again.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More On My Birthday

well, i finally got my birthday photos (thanks patch), one of which i dont even remember being taken. so without further ado, the photographic evidence.

This is a photo of patch and i, and is also the one i dont remember posing for. patch had the most amazing halloween costume ever, as you can see he has grown a mustache, and then he made a tshirt that said "mustache rides, 25 cents". classic. simple but genius. in the wordes of winger, i wish i had a quarter.
This is a photo of me molesting shannon. the circumstances surrounding this photo are excellent. you see patch, who was the one taking pictures, was on all accounts, pretty bombed, and he was like "ok, chloé and shannon, i want your picture, but i want it to be good, so go stand in the corner" and we were like "ok!" so then once we got to the corner, he was like "now do something sexy" so CLEARLY my ONLY option was to molest shannon.... i had been wanting to all nite anyway.

Finally, we have the picture of chloé and clancy posing as zombies. clancy looked even more like the undead before i fixed the red eyes. now he just looks like hes a million miles away. gotta love the last hour of the nite.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why Have An Office If You Aren't Sitting In It?

alright i made this a seperate post from the last one because the two thoughts are terribly terribly unrelated. also it gives you, my faithful readers, more bang for your buck because you get to be like, oh look, two new posts how exciting. instead of one long one which isnt very exciting and also less likely to be read all the way through. anyway so today i went to ray procwats office to get some journal articles for my invertebrate lab thats due tomorrow. ray procwat is this administrative guy in the biology department, a very nice guy with a very lot of things to do. anyway so for whatever reason he has been made keeper of the photocopies of the invertebrate journal articles and when i got there he was not there, so naturally he had his door shut and locked with all of the precious articles inside. why they are inside, i could not say, because his office is inside of a bigger office, so couldnt they put the articles in a filing cabinet in the outer office somewhere so that when he is gone we can still access them? wouldnt that make sense? i mean why do they have to be under lock and key when hes not there. especially since we can get them at the library, which i tried yesterday, but 2 of them were off the shelves, meaning someone else was somewhere in the library looking at them, which is why i was at rays office in the first place. anyway i waited around for him for a while but he didnt come and i decided that i was wasting precious lab writing time by waiting around so i left. and now im wasting more precious lab writing time blogging. terrible.

Productivity Is Relative

well yesterday i didnt really do very much homework, but i did clean up the apartment (except for the bathroom, damn do we need some liquid plumber in there) and i bought groceries. i finally decided to be adventurous and by vegetarian bacon.. its actually pretty good. i just hate it when i buy groceries though because although i save money on eating out when i have food in the house, i tend to spend the following couple of days pigging out just because of the novelty of it. maybe i should start buying foods i dont like very much, and then this wont happen. anyway so right now im eating lime crispy minis which are new as far as i know. theyre good, not as good as miss vickies lime and black pepper chips, and not as good as the dill pickle crispy minis, but theyre better than say, the caramel ones. also i have been having the most amazing breakfast drink of all time lately. matt had bought some plain yoghurt but he didnt know what it tasted like, and he discovered he doesnt like it at all, so he asked me if i could find a use for it. i certainly could. ive been mixing my vanilla soy powder with vanilla soy milk and then adding the plain yoghurt to it and then topping it all off with mango nectar. this morning i had it with apricot nectar. needless to say the whole thing really makes my day and im glad because ive never been one for eating breakfast but everyone is always telling me i should. i also realised that my entire diet pretty much consists of liquids and sandwiches, with little variation.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Why I Study Biology

man today i was walking to school, and on the way i found this leaf. it was a maple leaf. the veins had turned to orange and there was green around the orange, with deep purple surrounding it all. it looked like the veins were bleeding, the way it looks when you drop diluted ink onto fabric, and the ink finds its way along the threads, spreading out like little spidery silks or diseases. anyway i picked up this leaf and i was so capitivated. its beauty overtook me and i had such upwelling in my soul... i felt there could be nothing more beautiful in all the world than this leaf. and it is such because there is no effort in it, no intention, just the chaotic everlasting beauty of nature, of biology. i thought about all the beauty in living things, the care that goes into building a spider web, the systematic movements of ants as they collect food, the epiphytes of the rainforest as they sustain the most diverse and immense ecosystems with nutrients, this leaf. there is so much beauty i dont know what to do with it sometimes.

"The greatest beauty is organic wholeness,
the wholeness of life and things,
the divine beauty of the universe."
-Robinson Jeffers

Dear Blue Hat

i wish you were here. im so sorry that i left you in my logic tutorial classroom on that fateful winter day. you left my life as quickly and mysteriously as you entered... i should have known i never deserved you. i miss the way i could wear you four different ways, and how your velvety corduroy always smelled so nice. my brown hat just isnt the same. nothing will replace you, blue hat of mine.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Eating Out: Amit and Chloé's First Restaurant Review

Amit’s Review:
So tonight Chloe and I went to this restaurant called Gates of India to get some sweet Indian Lovin (mmmm Indian love). So we get down there, and Chloe was quite impressed with the atmosphere because it matched her clothes so well. With a table for two by candlelight, I take charge and start ordering some foods (mmmeees hungry). I start with two mango lassis, one order of vegetable pakora and one order of onion bhaji. The lassi was the opposite of sour and the pakoras and bhajis were fried to perfection. Main course consisted of mushroom sag and sag aloo bhaji with three kinds of Indian breads: poori (deep fried rotli), chapatti (lighty fried rotli) and naan. No doubt aboot it, the breads were ‘off the hook’ and the mushrooms were unbelievable. The aloo bhaji was challe (ok), but not as bad as I originally predicted. I had to scold Chloe for her illegal fork play, it is against the rules. I enjoyed the At-MOSS-FEAR, the service, the foods and the company; it was good times. To finish off the evening like always we got some good-o-fashion ras malai for dessert (I love you soooooooo). As a grant total I give this family food eatery a taiwanese plum.

Chloé’s Review:
So tonight we went to this restaurant called Gates of India to get some sweet Indian Lovin. Gut lovin, that is. Amit, being Indian had the great opportunity to show off his mad Indian skills to me, and needless to say I was impressed. When we walked in, the atmosphere was all red and gold, and went spectacularly with my outfit. Matching your outfit to the décor of a restauraunt is definitely a good omen I think. Anyway so Amit and I were given this table for two in the corner and it was very cozy with a candle, just like he predicted on the bus. He suggested that we start with these mango/yoghurt drinks, which were amazing. We perused the menu for a little while and then Amit ordered everything so as to disguise my incompetence. We got vegetable dumplings, onion dumplings, a mushroom dish, a spinach and potato dish, and three different kinds of bread. The server was courteous and swift, but I think that was a lot to do with the fact that Amit was with me. Anyway the food came and it was delicious, the mushrooms were especially amazing with a hint of spice and tons of flavour. Amit gave me grief for using cutlery because we were having a mad culture clash, me being a French food snob and him being Indian, so he made me surrender my cutlery, which was fine…. I wanted to assimilate. Anyway the food was delicious and we mostly gorged ourselves on bread. Then we had this pistachio/cheesy dessert thing and it was excellent, and it didn’t even make you feel over the top full. Finally, Amit paid the bill in a flourish of appearing like a married couple and we left, with him giving me this handful of after dinner mix stuff that was all fennel and candy and crunch. Overall, this restaurant gets a shining Phillipino mango. YUM. Up next, Mr. Noodle.

In Your Anger, Do Not Sin

Man yesterday was the most frustrating day ever. i got up at 6 for yoga, then i had linguistics tutorial and invertebrates class. class was done at 10:30, and i didnt have class again till 2:30. so my big plan was to go up to limeridge to pick up my sears order, and then come home and shower and change because i was pretty grubby. given that i had four hours, i thought i had plenty of time. anyway so i go to limeridge and i get to sears and im like hello, id like to pick up my sears order. so the lady at the desk is like, whats your phone number. so i give her my phone number and shes like, there is no order placed for that phone number. and i was like, how can that be, i placed the order. so shes like did you maybe place the order under a different phone number, and im like , no definitely not. so shes like ok whats your last name, and i tell her and shes like no we have no order for you. and im like well then what do you want me to do i placed the order. so she tells me to pick up this phone that was sitting there, which is a direct connection to the sears people who have the super computer that is superior to the computer she has which is telling her that i didnt place an order. so i get on the phone with the super computer people and they dont have an order for my phone number either, but they were able to locate my order using my address, and tehy told me it had been recieved at a different location. so i get the address from her and i got directions from the people with the inferior computer, who claimed this other place is a 20-25 minute walk. so, after grabbing a rather disappointing pad thai from the food court, i leave to go find this other pick up location. this so called 25 minute walk was more like a 40 minute walk, and given that i was wearing a tshirt, a sweatshirt, and a sweater, i was sweating my ass off by the time i got there. SO i finally get there and im like hello im here to pick up my sears order, and shes like last name? and i tell her and shes like we have no order for you here. and at this point i was ready to snap. i have not been that angry in a long time. so i was like, what do you mean you dont have one, i just went to limeridge, they didnt have it, they put me on the phone with sears and said you had it. this package is somewhere because it has BEEN RECIEVED by someoone. so she gets on the phone with sears and theyre all like we have no order for that phone number. and eventually she hangs up and doesnt know what to do. so im so pissed and everything and im like alright fine, is there a number or something i can call to make a complaint about this because im very angry and i would like to make a complaint. and so she called this OTHER sears person who, after a bit of super sleuthing figured out that the guy who took my order screwed up big time and placed it under the right name and address and wrong phone number. SO she said it had been recieved at limeridge. and i was like well im not going all the way back there to have them tell me its not there. so this other sears person called limeridge and talked to them and found it and it was there. so i went all the way back and i finally got my package. needless to say i didnt have time for my shower and stuff until after my 230 class. But on the way back on the bus i got to thinking about it, and i sort of felt liek the whole thing was kind of like God was testing my anger to see if i dealt with it appropriately. i felt i did... i wasnt rude or anything to any of the people i dealt with. so then i prayed and stuff and thanked God for testing me and for all sorts of things and so i guess in the end it was a pretty good experience. not to mention the other pick up location is actually closer to my house than limeridge, so i can get my stuff sent there next time. also, how can i be sad when i have a new pair of red shoes?????

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bonne Fete

well well well. its certainly been a while since i posted. this past weekend i went to my parents and that was good times... i saw my sisters dance thing and that was good times too. anyway and then last night was my super amazing birthday bash with my coworkers. jen was supposed to come but decided not to, and matt came for a little while then went home. anyway it was mad good times i wish jen had come she would have had a lot of fun. we all had lots to drink and there were lots of pictures being taken and i got many hugs and kisses from my mad good times coworkers. not to mention i didnt have to pay for any drinks at all. also i wore my pink pants and pink just makes everything right. anyway so then this morning i called kate and woke her up and talked to her for an hour. to tell the truth i didnt feel too bad about waking her up because we dont get to talk too often and i was bored out of my tree lying around in bed waiting until it was time for school. so then i remembered that i have dinner plans with amit tomorrow. im glad i realised because i wouldnt want to stand him up. anyway i guess thats it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


well well well. today is amits birthday, and tomorrow is mine, and here is to many more. :) looking forward to dinner next wednesday with you amit, its going to be delicious. anyway i dont have much to add today because im studying and stuff but yes. bonne fete.

Monday, October 24, 2005

You Got Me On My Knees, Shayla

Well, it certainly has been awhile since i posted. first of all, after reading over my last post, i just want to mention that judge judy doesnt have chihuahuas, she has shitzus. i dont know why i said chihuahuas. anyway so what has happened to me since you might ask? well i had my spider web thing and that went ok i think. and then on friday i was out buying groceries to cook for shayla (which was a super nite by the way, we really must do it again some time) and i g0t to thinking about my parents for some reason. i was thinking about how my parents would feel if they were flies on the wall in my life, watching me do mundane things like buying groceries. because really, things like paying the bills and buying groceries and stuff is all very adult, but im still their child. it must be a very strange experience to be a parent with grown children. i cant imagine being a parent at all, really, let alone one whose children are my age. so anyway, i thought about that for a while. then shayla came over and we had a jolly good time. saturday i worked and it was pretty slow except for a bit of a rush from 130 till 3. then i came home and studied some ecology because i have two tests today, ecology being one of them. then yesterday i also had work and it was pretty busy, but we handled it ok. and then noone showed up for the meeting except clancy and i, so we went to his house and watched the office, which is hilarious. anyway it was fun but im sure it isnt doing anything for the rumours. the terrible rumours. anyway and then today i got my invertebrate midtemr mark back and i did excellent. i was so happy because before i wrote that test i was really starting to feel overwhelmed with school and work and volunteering and my social life and everything and i was worried that i was not working hard enough at school. so the test for me was more of a test of whether i need to step back from my other occupations and focus more, than it was on invertebrate material. but, i did really well, so i think that shows that i am balancing everything very well. hopefully i can keep it up. anyway, now im going to finish studying and go to my tests. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thinking About Judge Judy

Well today was fairly productive i think. i went to volunteering at the alternative school, and then i went to school and photocopied the articles im going to use for my presentation on spider webs tomorrow. then i went to westdale and bought toiletries. hooray for super boring purchases. then i ran into clancy, my coworker, and we went for lunch. oooo scandalous! we went to the bean bar, which i have never been to, but have always wanted to go to. everyone always says its "so expensive". i wouldnt really say so, but maybe i just have a different idea of expensive food. see, id say a meal is expensive if the bill is over a hundred dollars for two people before a tip and with both persons only having one drink each, and no dessert. but thats just me. anyway it was excellent. i didnt know what i wanted so clancy told me to get the bean bar pizza, and it was an excellent choice. i never thought id appreciate having someone boss me around like that. anyway, after that i had ecology, and then i went to the bank and got some change for laundry. the laundry is now on the go and i changed my sheets. so when i got home after all this, i was lying on my bed, hanging out with puppy, and for some reason i got to thinking about judge judy. you see, judge judy has two chihuahuas, and i was just thinking about how she goes home to them liek any other pet owner and is affectionate with them and stuff, and how famous people are really just normal people after all. i guess you could say it was an epiphany. anyway now im off to work on my spider web project.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"No" To Invertebrates, Sleep, and Coke

well my invertebrate midterm was today, which is why i havent posted in a few days. just to fill everyone in, my weekend was more or less uneventful. saturday was slow at work, so nic and i spent most of the day prepping and dancing like crazy fools. speaking of which, ive been meaning to ask kate if she would make me a dancy-technoey-hiphopey-breakfasty cd for work, so kate if your reading this..... i was wondering that. anyway what else. sunday was busier and i had the always fun but always exhausting bar date with my coworkers. good times. i was pretty tired yesterday though and i had to study for invertebrates. as for that, it went as expected... the stuff i knew, i knew really well, and the other stuff, well, im trying to forget about it. on the upside, invertebrates is definitely going to be my most difficult exam, so hopefully its only going to get better after today. also, theres this whole coke referendum thing going on, that until now i wasnt sure where i stood on the issue, but after today, listening to some people speak about it and reading up on it in the paper, i think im going to have to vote "yes" in the referendum, meaning "no" to coke. i know voting preferences are supposed to be kept private, but im more just trying to show how i didnt know how i felt and now i do, so it was a good day in that respect. other than that, i guess thats it.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Too Much Cottage Cheese

Well before i settle down with my friday night homework, i thought i would post something. yesterday i had yoga, jen didnt go because she was sick, so i went by myself. it was good. we learned some new breathing exercises, and one was called breath of fire which sounds a lot cooler than it is... that and i kept imagining that i was a dragon instead of actually focusing on my breathing, but there it is. i finally finished my web assignment for invertebrates, and i found out that my lab for that class got the due date moved so i have an extra week to do it, which is great because before i had three things due for that class all on the same day. then in english we watched this movie called kids, followed by clueless. clueless was excellent, as always, but kids was the most upsetting movie ever. i mean it was supposed to be upsetting but it was so difficult to watch it was not a good experience. and as if that wasnt bad enough, clueless and kids are the movies we have to write about on the midterm, and id really just like to pretend that kids never really happened. so there it is. anyway today i had my friday work with sabrina which was pretty fun but we didnt do anything too exciting. then i came home and made this pie thing that one of the guys at work asked me to do. i dont knwo how its going to turn out, its in the oven right now. and then i ate some fried egg whites (they were left over from the pie project) with cottage cheese and now i feel kind of gross. anyway im hoping to get my religion assignment done tonite so that tomorrow after work i can focus on studying for invertebrates. and thats all ive got.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Making a Dent

well i finally finished my ecology lab, references and all, and now im taking a quick blog break before i try to start my religion assignment, which will probably end in my getting frustrated and then quitting and then trying to do my invertebrate web assignment instead. anyway so yes. today i had volunteering at the alternative school, and it was lots of fun. i taught the grade eights about trophic levels and trophic level pyramids and they seemed interested and engaged. not to mention all of the kids were really friendly towards me when i arrived which made me happy because its nice to feel appreciated. also a couple of the girls said they like my glasses, that they were pretty, which was nice. i wore the same glasses as i wore last week, so i think im going to wear the other pair next week, just to change it up a little. i know it sounds ridiculous that im planning what glasses to wear a week in advance, but it matters! anyway after i finished my volunteering, i was going to go home but i changed my mind and went to school instead and i finally got around to looking at the journal articles that im supposed to look at for my invertebrate seminar, and then i emailed my lab partner (who also happens to be doing the same seminar topic as me. actually thats really why we ended up as lab partners, because we both were doing the same seminar so him and i became acquaintances, and well, we just partnered off from there. hes a good lab partner. no sense of humour, but hes patient and thorough. if theres one thing that drives me crazy its people who rush through labs, so all in all id say we get on jsut fine) about how were going to divide up the topic so that we dont both present the same seminar twice in one day. not only would that make us both look like idiots, but it would be very boring for the rest of the class, and im sure whoever went second would get a fairly bad peer evaluation. so then after that i went to ecology which was pretty funny. my teacher usually uses powerpoint but he was fussing around with the overhead projector because he had an announcement from the department. he finally got the thing working and he slaps up the overhead, and the event he was trying to announce about happened a week ago. so i was like, that was last week. and he was like oh, how embarassing. it was funny, at least it was before class started, so i and teh girl beside me were really the only ones that noticed. anyway, i guess thats about it for today.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Bedsheets

Well its been a few days since i posted, but thats because i was busy, which means i actually have a thing or two to talk about. This past weekend was thanksgiving, and i had to work. work was more or less unexciting, but my parents and siblings (except for clinton who also had to work) came up to visit. we ate at my bar and that was fun. it was fun to show off my family to my coworkers . anyway they also brought me new bed sheets which i asked for for my birthday so now i have four sets, which gets me a whole lot closer to my ideal situation of having enough sheets to be able to change the sheets every two days. also theres a pink set and a red set and pink and red are my favourite colours, so the bedding situation almost couldnt be any better. what else. my family stayed the nite in this hotel on upper james and i stayed with them and had the most horrid sleep ever. i also bought courtland a pair of those shoes with the wheel in the heel which i dont really understand but he really likes them and that made me happy. he doesnt ask for much so i thought id spoil him a little. my mum and i saw where the truth lies and its so true that the stupid three way sex scene was no big deal and that american censorship is a little out of control, what with censoring the littlest bit of tasteful, relevant to the story sex, but letting all sorts of meaningless violence go unchecked all over teh place. anyway what else. before my work and family and everything i had my friday afternoon with sabrina. since her birthday had been the past tuesday, her parents wanted to take her to the fair for friday and they asked me to come with them so i could go on the rides with her because the rides make them puke. so i went and it was lots of fun, and some of the carneys let her on for free because of her disabilities which was sort of cool cause i always forget about her disabilities and i dont expect any charity for her when were out. anyway so we went on a bunch of rides and teh scrambler felt a lot faster than i remember it. sabrinas mum said that it did look like it was going pretty fast, but i think im jsut getting old. so that was the weekend. today it was back to school and i had a very productive day. i went and dropped off my pay sheet at teh special needs office (late! ooops!) and then i went to the drugstore, and i picked up my scarf and mitts from the bar because i forgot them there on sunday, and i had class, and then i got a bunch of books from teh library to use for sources for my lab reports that are due next week, and i guess thats about it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nutmeg and Post Viral Cough

Well today has been mostly an exercise in frustration. I had a doctor's appointment at 10:50 but since it was dr mcleod who is a very talkative guy, he didnt see me until after 1130. anyway hes very nice though ive had him before and hes from collingwood which is sort of strange. anyway apparently i have post viral cough so he gave me a puffer. in other news jen and i had yoga today which was excellent, and we learned that our "happy living skeleton" is all loosened up and doing an excellent job. i also made apple crisp which is currently in the oven. i put nutmeg in it to make it a little better, hopefully not too much. i was hoping to work all afternoon on a lab but i lost most of the afternoon doing the aforementioned activities. anyway im going to get to work on that lab now, hopefully i can finish it soon.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Laundry and Other Mundanities

Well today was more or less uneventful except for the part where I started volunteering at the alternative school. That was fun, I hope that it continues to go as well as it did today. Also, now that I am all done with the presentation, I was able to give Amigo her box back, and she is very happy about the whole thing. Puppy seems to have an unhealthy infatuation with my lab coat... there must be some sort of odor or something on it, because when I left it on my bed she went nuts, rolling around in it like it was a pile of catnip or something. I was going to make apple crisp today but I dont have nearly enough apples, so I think I shall buy some more tomorrow. It's probably better this way anyway, because the apples should be nice and ripe for baking. I had french brie for lunch today and it was amazing, so much more amazing than my ecology class that followed, where I almost fell asleep learning about succession. Succession is an interesting phenomenon though, I was just tired I think. Speaking of tired, Jen and I have our second yoga class tomorrow.. nothing like getting up at six to start your day right. At least I dont have my invertebrate lab this week, so my never ending thursday wont be quite so never ending. Im going to the doctor tomorrow, hopefully she will give me some antibiotics to cure my TB because im getting pretty tired of all teh coughing and dying. Im also getting sick of all teh ladybugs in my house. The cats are so useless, they dont even kill them. They just watch them. I think puppy is friends with one of them... she's supposed to be friends with Amigo. Anyway, I'm going to do my homework now.

I guess you never know

Well I went downstairs to change over my laundry and there was this Asian couple down there just waiting around for me to come and get my stuff so they could use the washers (instead of just taking my clothes out of the washer and putting them on the table like everyone else) and they had the tiniest load of laundry. They kept talking in their native language and just stood there and watched me changing over my laundry. It was so strange and uncomfortable and I was pretty irritated about it, not to mention since when is laundry a two person event. BUT when I went down to go get my stuff out of the drier, they were still there. So I guess what happened was they didn't feel comfortable leaving their clothes in the machine, and one of them didnt want to get bored waiting for the laundry which is why they were there together. And then, while I was taking my things out of the drier, the man came up to me and was like "excuse me, but why do you use the paper in the drier?" he was referring to the bounce sheets, so I explained that it was fabric softener and it made the clothes softer and then he explained it to his girlfriend or wife or whatever, and they were actually very nice. So, I guess it just goes to show that you never really know... sometimes people just dont understand.

For Amit

This is my first ever blogging experience, so it seems fitting that my first post be dedicated to Amit, because his amazing blogging abilities have inspired me to create my own. So, Amit, here's to you. Anyway, I'm not sure where to begin really. I guess I shall use this blog to put down my thoughts and perhaps relate things that happened to me and who knows??? The sky is the limit really. Anyway, so, herewith I shall try my first official entry.

ENTRY 1: I had a very busy day today, and it wasn't made any easier by the fact that I was carrying around an empty tomato box all day. The box has ultimately served its purpose but people kept asking about the box and it sucked. Also, I felt bad for taking the box away from Amigo, because she has few, if any pleasures in life. I'm hoping to return the box to her soon. Anyway what else. I bought groceries today, which I never do, so I always eat tons and tons on the day of grocery buying just out of the novelty of it. I also filled up my olive oil/vinegar bottle, which created a big ruckus in the house for some reason. I start volunteering at the alternative school tomorrow, which I am very excited about, but I feel I have been planning for this more than I have been doing my schoolwork this week, which is probably not a very good thing, but whatever. Jen just got Matt's printer to work on her computer, which is a big deal. Anyway, I think I'm going to hit the sack but I think I will like this whole blogging thing.