Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Jesus

well i have been home celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour, which is why i havent posted in a while. not to mention the fact that my life has been more or less unexciting for the last couple of weeks... except for that whole thing where ive started dating a cage fighter lol. but there isnt really much more to say about that at the moment. anyway Christmas celebrations at teh McIntosh home have been more or less excellent, with the community christmas dinner being both successful and delicious. i also recieved a new jacket from my parents which is super exciting because jackets are possibly the most excellent fashion item. i also got a mixing/blending machine from my dad which i am very excited to use... and i have to bake a cake for nikolai on friday so i will be busting it out hardcore. nik is turning 25... damn hes old. lol. anyway tonite is my displaced new years eve to be celebrated with my good and noble comrades, since i will be back in hammer town on teh evening of the actual event. im looking forward to that. also looking forward to my staff party on wednesday which should be pretty sloppy i think. anyway as i was sitting here i just got to thinking about all of my friends at their homes and how im sure were all in teh same boat... simultaneously having an excellent time and missing hamilton. so best wishes as follows:
best wishes to jen, up in ottawa, party hard dear roomate, party hard
best wishes to matt, visiting his grandparents, dont go too crazy with the weed butter
best wishes to amit, in missasagua, have a drink for me buddy
best wishes to shayla, in costa rica, dont get hepatitis
best wishes to meagan, in stratford, i hope your huge family is doing well
best wishes to nida, in ancaster, not so far away from hamilton, hope youre having fun
best wishes to natalia, (in missasagua, i think), i hope your parents are enjoying your boyfriend more
best wishes to all my buddies at work... im sure youre holding down the fort

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Anonymous said...

well doll...u r missed greatly already..we miss your spirit and your laughter and your spontaneous singing...when u depart it feels as if (to me anyway) that there is this block of emptiness..that only u can fill sob! sob!..until next time.. love the mother unit...