Wednesday, October 26, 2005


well well well. today is amits birthday, and tomorrow is mine, and here is to many more. :) looking forward to dinner next wednesday with you amit, its going to be delicious. anyway i dont have much to add today because im studying and stuff but yes. bonne fete.

Monday, October 24, 2005

You Got Me On My Knees, Shayla

Well, it certainly has been awhile since i posted. first of all, after reading over my last post, i just want to mention that judge judy doesnt have chihuahuas, she has shitzus. i dont know why i said chihuahuas. anyway so what has happened to me since you might ask? well i had my spider web thing and that went ok i think. and then on friday i was out buying groceries to cook for shayla (which was a super nite by the way, we really must do it again some time) and i g0t to thinking about my parents for some reason. i was thinking about how my parents would feel if they were flies on the wall in my life, watching me do mundane things like buying groceries. because really, things like paying the bills and buying groceries and stuff is all very adult, but im still their child. it must be a very strange experience to be a parent with grown children. i cant imagine being a parent at all, really, let alone one whose children are my age. so anyway, i thought about that for a while. then shayla came over and we had a jolly good time. saturday i worked and it was pretty slow except for a bit of a rush from 130 till 3. then i came home and studied some ecology because i have two tests today, ecology being one of them. then yesterday i also had work and it was pretty busy, but we handled it ok. and then noone showed up for the meeting except clancy and i, so we went to his house and watched the office, which is hilarious. anyway it was fun but im sure it isnt doing anything for the rumours. the terrible rumours. anyway and then today i got my invertebrate midtemr mark back and i did excellent. i was so happy because before i wrote that test i was really starting to feel overwhelmed with school and work and volunteering and my social life and everything and i was worried that i was not working hard enough at school. so the test for me was more of a test of whether i need to step back from my other occupations and focus more, than it was on invertebrate material. but, i did really well, so i think that shows that i am balancing everything very well. hopefully i can keep it up. anyway, now im going to finish studying and go to my tests. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thinking About Judge Judy

Well today was fairly productive i think. i went to volunteering at the alternative school, and then i went to school and photocopied the articles im going to use for my presentation on spider webs tomorrow. then i went to westdale and bought toiletries. hooray for super boring purchases. then i ran into clancy, my coworker, and we went for lunch. oooo scandalous! we went to the bean bar, which i have never been to, but have always wanted to go to. everyone always says its "so expensive". i wouldnt really say so, but maybe i just have a different idea of expensive food. see, id say a meal is expensive if the bill is over a hundred dollars for two people before a tip and with both persons only having one drink each, and no dessert. but thats just me. anyway it was excellent. i didnt know what i wanted so clancy told me to get the bean bar pizza, and it was an excellent choice. i never thought id appreciate having someone boss me around like that. anyway, after that i had ecology, and then i went to the bank and got some change for laundry. the laundry is now on the go and i changed my sheets. so when i got home after all this, i was lying on my bed, hanging out with puppy, and for some reason i got to thinking about judge judy. you see, judge judy has two chihuahuas, and i was just thinking about how she goes home to them liek any other pet owner and is affectionate with them and stuff, and how famous people are really just normal people after all. i guess you could say it was an epiphany. anyway now im off to work on my spider web project.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"No" To Invertebrates, Sleep, and Coke

well my invertebrate midterm was today, which is why i havent posted in a few days. just to fill everyone in, my weekend was more or less uneventful. saturday was slow at work, so nic and i spent most of the day prepping and dancing like crazy fools. speaking of which, ive been meaning to ask kate if she would make me a dancy-technoey-hiphopey-breakfasty cd for work, so kate if your reading this..... i was wondering that. anyway what else. sunday was busier and i had the always fun but always exhausting bar date with my coworkers. good times. i was pretty tired yesterday though and i had to study for invertebrates. as for that, it went as expected... the stuff i knew, i knew really well, and the other stuff, well, im trying to forget about it. on the upside, invertebrates is definitely going to be my most difficult exam, so hopefully its only going to get better after today. also, theres this whole coke referendum thing going on, that until now i wasnt sure where i stood on the issue, but after today, listening to some people speak about it and reading up on it in the paper, i think im going to have to vote "yes" in the referendum, meaning "no" to coke. i know voting preferences are supposed to be kept private, but im more just trying to show how i didnt know how i felt and now i do, so it was a good day in that respect. other than that, i guess thats it.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Too Much Cottage Cheese

Well before i settle down with my friday night homework, i thought i would post something. yesterday i had yoga, jen didnt go because she was sick, so i went by myself. it was good. we learned some new breathing exercises, and one was called breath of fire which sounds a lot cooler than it is... that and i kept imagining that i was a dragon instead of actually focusing on my breathing, but there it is. i finally finished my web assignment for invertebrates, and i found out that my lab for that class got the due date moved so i have an extra week to do it, which is great because before i had three things due for that class all on the same day. then in english we watched this movie called kids, followed by clueless. clueless was excellent, as always, but kids was the most upsetting movie ever. i mean it was supposed to be upsetting but it was so difficult to watch it was not a good experience. and as if that wasnt bad enough, clueless and kids are the movies we have to write about on the midterm, and id really just like to pretend that kids never really happened. so there it is. anyway today i had my friday work with sabrina which was pretty fun but we didnt do anything too exciting. then i came home and made this pie thing that one of the guys at work asked me to do. i dont knwo how its going to turn out, its in the oven right now. and then i ate some fried egg whites (they were left over from the pie project) with cottage cheese and now i feel kind of gross. anyway im hoping to get my religion assignment done tonite so that tomorrow after work i can focus on studying for invertebrates. and thats all ive got.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Making a Dent

well i finally finished my ecology lab, references and all, and now im taking a quick blog break before i try to start my religion assignment, which will probably end in my getting frustrated and then quitting and then trying to do my invertebrate web assignment instead. anyway so yes. today i had volunteering at the alternative school, and it was lots of fun. i taught the grade eights about trophic levels and trophic level pyramids and they seemed interested and engaged. not to mention all of the kids were really friendly towards me when i arrived which made me happy because its nice to feel appreciated. also a couple of the girls said they like my glasses, that they were pretty, which was nice. i wore the same glasses as i wore last week, so i think im going to wear the other pair next week, just to change it up a little. i know it sounds ridiculous that im planning what glasses to wear a week in advance, but it matters! anyway after i finished my volunteering, i was going to go home but i changed my mind and went to school instead and i finally got around to looking at the journal articles that im supposed to look at for my invertebrate seminar, and then i emailed my lab partner (who also happens to be doing the same seminar topic as me. actually thats really why we ended up as lab partners, because we both were doing the same seminar so him and i became acquaintances, and well, we just partnered off from there. hes a good lab partner. no sense of humour, but hes patient and thorough. if theres one thing that drives me crazy its people who rush through labs, so all in all id say we get on jsut fine) about how were going to divide up the topic so that we dont both present the same seminar twice in one day. not only would that make us both look like idiots, but it would be very boring for the rest of the class, and im sure whoever went second would get a fairly bad peer evaluation. so then after that i went to ecology which was pretty funny. my teacher usually uses powerpoint but he was fussing around with the overhead projector because he had an announcement from the department. he finally got the thing working and he slaps up the overhead, and the event he was trying to announce about happened a week ago. so i was like, that was last week. and he was like oh, how embarassing. it was funny, at least it was before class started, so i and teh girl beside me were really the only ones that noticed. anyway, i guess thats about it for today.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Bedsheets

Well its been a few days since i posted, but thats because i was busy, which means i actually have a thing or two to talk about. This past weekend was thanksgiving, and i had to work. work was more or less unexciting, but my parents and siblings (except for clinton who also had to work) came up to visit. we ate at my bar and that was fun. it was fun to show off my family to my coworkers . anyway they also brought me new bed sheets which i asked for for my birthday so now i have four sets, which gets me a whole lot closer to my ideal situation of having enough sheets to be able to change the sheets every two days. also theres a pink set and a red set and pink and red are my favourite colours, so the bedding situation almost couldnt be any better. what else. my family stayed the nite in this hotel on upper james and i stayed with them and had the most horrid sleep ever. i also bought courtland a pair of those shoes with the wheel in the heel which i dont really understand but he really likes them and that made me happy. he doesnt ask for much so i thought id spoil him a little. my mum and i saw where the truth lies and its so true that the stupid three way sex scene was no big deal and that american censorship is a little out of control, what with censoring the littlest bit of tasteful, relevant to the story sex, but letting all sorts of meaningless violence go unchecked all over teh place. anyway what else. before my work and family and everything i had my friday afternoon with sabrina. since her birthday had been the past tuesday, her parents wanted to take her to the fair for friday and they asked me to come with them so i could go on the rides with her because the rides make them puke. so i went and it was lots of fun, and some of the carneys let her on for free because of her disabilities which was sort of cool cause i always forget about her disabilities and i dont expect any charity for her when were out. anyway so we went on a bunch of rides and teh scrambler felt a lot faster than i remember it. sabrinas mum said that it did look like it was going pretty fast, but i think im jsut getting old. so that was the weekend. today it was back to school and i had a very productive day. i went and dropped off my pay sheet at teh special needs office (late! ooops!) and then i went to the drugstore, and i picked up my scarf and mitts from the bar because i forgot them there on sunday, and i had class, and then i got a bunch of books from teh library to use for sources for my lab reports that are due next week, and i guess thats about it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nutmeg and Post Viral Cough

Well today has been mostly an exercise in frustration. I had a doctor's appointment at 10:50 but since it was dr mcleod who is a very talkative guy, he didnt see me until after 1130. anyway hes very nice though ive had him before and hes from collingwood which is sort of strange. anyway apparently i have post viral cough so he gave me a puffer. in other news jen and i had yoga today which was excellent, and we learned that our "happy living skeleton" is all loosened up and doing an excellent job. i also made apple crisp which is currently in the oven. i put nutmeg in it to make it a little better, hopefully not too much. i was hoping to work all afternoon on a lab but i lost most of the afternoon doing the aforementioned activities. anyway im going to get to work on that lab now, hopefully i can finish it soon.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Laundry and Other Mundanities

Well today was more or less uneventful except for the part where I started volunteering at the alternative school. That was fun, I hope that it continues to go as well as it did today. Also, now that I am all done with the presentation, I was able to give Amigo her box back, and she is very happy about the whole thing. Puppy seems to have an unhealthy infatuation with my lab coat... there must be some sort of odor or something on it, because when I left it on my bed she went nuts, rolling around in it like it was a pile of catnip or something. I was going to make apple crisp today but I dont have nearly enough apples, so I think I shall buy some more tomorrow. It's probably better this way anyway, because the apples should be nice and ripe for baking. I had french brie for lunch today and it was amazing, so much more amazing than my ecology class that followed, where I almost fell asleep learning about succession. Succession is an interesting phenomenon though, I was just tired I think. Speaking of tired, Jen and I have our second yoga class tomorrow.. nothing like getting up at six to start your day right. At least I dont have my invertebrate lab this week, so my never ending thursday wont be quite so never ending. Im going to the doctor tomorrow, hopefully she will give me some antibiotics to cure my TB because im getting pretty tired of all teh coughing and dying. Im also getting sick of all teh ladybugs in my house. The cats are so useless, they dont even kill them. They just watch them. I think puppy is friends with one of them... she's supposed to be friends with Amigo. Anyway, I'm going to do my homework now.

I guess you never know

Well I went downstairs to change over my laundry and there was this Asian couple down there just waiting around for me to come and get my stuff so they could use the washers (instead of just taking my clothes out of the washer and putting them on the table like everyone else) and they had the tiniest load of laundry. They kept talking in their native language and just stood there and watched me changing over my laundry. It was so strange and uncomfortable and I was pretty irritated about it, not to mention since when is laundry a two person event. BUT when I went down to go get my stuff out of the drier, they were still there. So I guess what happened was they didn't feel comfortable leaving their clothes in the machine, and one of them didnt want to get bored waiting for the laundry which is why they were there together. And then, while I was taking my things out of the drier, the man came up to me and was like "excuse me, but why do you use the paper in the drier?" he was referring to the bounce sheets, so I explained that it was fabric softener and it made the clothes softer and then he explained it to his girlfriend or wife or whatever, and they were actually very nice. So, I guess it just goes to show that you never really know... sometimes people just dont understand.

For Amit

This is my first ever blogging experience, so it seems fitting that my first post be dedicated to Amit, because his amazing blogging abilities have inspired me to create my own. So, Amit, here's to you. Anyway, I'm not sure where to begin really. I guess I shall use this blog to put down my thoughts and perhaps relate things that happened to me and who knows??? The sky is the limit really. Anyway, so, herewith I shall try my first official entry.

ENTRY 1: I had a very busy day today, and it wasn't made any easier by the fact that I was carrying around an empty tomato box all day. The box has ultimately served its purpose but people kept asking about the box and it sucked. Also, I felt bad for taking the box away from Amigo, because she has few, if any pleasures in life. I'm hoping to return the box to her soon. Anyway what else. I bought groceries today, which I never do, so I always eat tons and tons on the day of grocery buying just out of the novelty of it. I also filled up my olive oil/vinegar bottle, which created a big ruckus in the house for some reason. I start volunteering at the alternative school tomorrow, which I am very excited about, but I feel I have been planning for this more than I have been doing my schoolwork this week, which is probably not a very good thing, but whatever. Jen just got Matt's printer to work on her computer, which is a big deal. Anyway, I think I'm going to hit the sack but I think I will like this whole blogging thing.