Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"No" To Invertebrates, Sleep, and Coke

well my invertebrate midterm was today, which is why i havent posted in a few days. just to fill everyone in, my weekend was more or less uneventful. saturday was slow at work, so nic and i spent most of the day prepping and dancing like crazy fools. speaking of which, ive been meaning to ask kate if she would make me a dancy-technoey-hiphopey-breakfasty cd for work, so kate if your reading this..... i was wondering that. anyway what else. sunday was busier and i had the always fun but always exhausting bar date with my coworkers. good times. i was pretty tired yesterday though and i had to study for invertebrates. as for that, it went as expected... the stuff i knew, i knew really well, and the other stuff, well, im trying to forget about it. on the upside, invertebrates is definitely going to be my most difficult exam, so hopefully its only going to get better after today. also, theres this whole coke referendum thing going on, that until now i wasnt sure where i stood on the issue, but after today, listening to some people speak about it and reading up on it in the paper, i think im going to have to vote "yes" in the referendum, meaning "no" to coke. i know voting preferences are supposed to be kept private, but im more just trying to show how i didnt know how i felt and now i do, so it was a good day in that respect. other than that, i guess thats it.

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Kate said...

i don't have any blank cds! shoot. but one will be made... i will find ways (probably buying a bunch of blank cds. haha). our school's having a similar coke debate. even though coke is my favourite, i have to agree it's a pretty brutal company.

i'm going to do some laundry then call you so this comment is pretty redundant. yay!