Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nutmeg and Post Viral Cough

Well today has been mostly an exercise in frustration. I had a doctor's appointment at 10:50 but since it was dr mcleod who is a very talkative guy, he didnt see me until after 1130. anyway hes very nice though ive had him before and hes from collingwood which is sort of strange. anyway apparently i have post viral cough so he gave me a puffer. in other news jen and i had yoga today which was excellent, and we learned that our "happy living skeleton" is all loosened up and doing an excellent job. i also made apple crisp which is currently in the oven. i put nutmeg in it to make it a little better, hopefully not too much. i was hoping to work all afternoon on a lab but i lost most of the afternoon doing the aforementioned activities. anyway im going to get to work on that lab now, hopefully i can finish it soon.


Rod Pendergrass said...
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MistryZ said...

Awwww so its not TB thats a shame! I was hoping I could get some TB to go with my west nile.