Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thinking About Judge Judy

Well today was fairly productive i think. i went to volunteering at the alternative school, and then i went to school and photocopied the articles im going to use for my presentation on spider webs tomorrow. then i went to westdale and bought toiletries. hooray for super boring purchases. then i ran into clancy, my coworker, and we went for lunch. oooo scandalous! we went to the bean bar, which i have never been to, but have always wanted to go to. everyone always says its "so expensive". i wouldnt really say so, but maybe i just have a different idea of expensive food. see, id say a meal is expensive if the bill is over a hundred dollars for two people before a tip and with both persons only having one drink each, and no dessert. but thats just me. anyway it was excellent. i didnt know what i wanted so clancy told me to get the bean bar pizza, and it was an excellent choice. i never thought id appreciate having someone boss me around like that. anyway, after that i had ecology, and then i went to the bank and got some change for laundry. the laundry is now on the go and i changed my sheets. so when i got home after all this, i was lying on my bed, hanging out with puppy, and for some reason i got to thinking about judge judy. you see, judge judy has two chihuahuas, and i was just thinking about how she goes home to them liek any other pet owner and is affectionate with them and stuff, and how famous people are really just normal people after all. i guess you could say it was an epiphany. anyway now im off to work on my spider web project.

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Anonymous said...

i still got nothin. so that's what you get. hey, it's somethin.
thanks for getting me wine drunk, i had lotsa fun :)
love, shay.