Friday, October 14, 2005

Too Much Cottage Cheese

Well before i settle down with my friday night homework, i thought i would post something. yesterday i had yoga, jen didnt go because she was sick, so i went by myself. it was good. we learned some new breathing exercises, and one was called breath of fire which sounds a lot cooler than it is... that and i kept imagining that i was a dragon instead of actually focusing on my breathing, but there it is. i finally finished my web assignment for invertebrates, and i found out that my lab for that class got the due date moved so i have an extra week to do it, which is great because before i had three things due for that class all on the same day. then in english we watched this movie called kids, followed by clueless. clueless was excellent, as always, but kids was the most upsetting movie ever. i mean it was supposed to be upsetting but it was so difficult to watch it was not a good experience. and as if that wasnt bad enough, clueless and kids are the movies we have to write about on the midterm, and id really just like to pretend that kids never really happened. so there it is. anyway today i had my friday work with sabrina which was pretty fun but we didnt do anything too exciting. then i came home and made this pie thing that one of the guys at work asked me to do. i dont knwo how its going to turn out, its in the oven right now. and then i ate some fried egg whites (they were left over from the pie project) with cottage cheese and now i feel kind of gross. anyway im hoping to get my religion assignment done tonite so that tomorrow after work i can focus on studying for invertebrates. and thats all ive got.


kate said...

oh, i saw kids a little while ago and i just about died! that movie is disturbing beyond belief. i can't believe you have to write about it, i could barely watch it.

ryJuice said...

Hey, I'm in that English class too. And KIDS sure was fun. *cough cough*