Monday, October 24, 2005

You Got Me On My Knees, Shayla

Well, it certainly has been awhile since i posted. first of all, after reading over my last post, i just want to mention that judge judy doesnt have chihuahuas, she has shitzus. i dont know why i said chihuahuas. anyway so what has happened to me since you might ask? well i had my spider web thing and that went ok i think. and then on friday i was out buying groceries to cook for shayla (which was a super nite by the way, we really must do it again some time) and i g0t to thinking about my parents for some reason. i was thinking about how my parents would feel if they were flies on the wall in my life, watching me do mundane things like buying groceries. because really, things like paying the bills and buying groceries and stuff is all very adult, but im still their child. it must be a very strange experience to be a parent with grown children. i cant imagine being a parent at all, really, let alone one whose children are my age. so anyway, i thought about that for a while. then shayla came over and we had a jolly good time. saturday i worked and it was pretty slow except for a bit of a rush from 130 till 3. then i came home and studied some ecology because i have two tests today, ecology being one of them. then yesterday i also had work and it was pretty busy, but we handled it ok. and then noone showed up for the meeting except clancy and i, so we went to his house and watched the office, which is hilarious. anyway it was fun but im sure it isnt doing anything for the rumours. the terrible rumours. anyway and then today i got my invertebrate midtemr mark back and i did excellent. i was so happy because before i wrote that test i was really starting to feel overwhelmed with school and work and volunteering and my social life and everything and i was worried that i was not working hard enough at school. so the test for me was more of a test of whether i need to step back from my other occupations and focus more, than it was on invertebrate material. but, i did really well, so i think that shows that i am balancing everything very well. hopefully i can keep it up. anyway, now im going to finish studying and go to my tests. :)

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Anonymous said...

chloe, i got really mad at someone and i was on the internet and i started frantically clicking "favourites" and then your site came up with the title "you got my on my knees shayla" and it made me happy. my friend owes u one cuz it's the only thing that calmed me down. bastard.
anyway, thank you, i'm honoured, it was a lovely night and we really MUST do it again. this is my second post. i'm pretty proud of myself.
ciao darlin,