Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Bedsheets

Well its been a few days since i posted, but thats because i was busy, which means i actually have a thing or two to talk about. This past weekend was thanksgiving, and i had to work. work was more or less unexciting, but my parents and siblings (except for clinton who also had to work) came up to visit. we ate at my bar and that was fun. it was fun to show off my family to my coworkers . anyway they also brought me new bed sheets which i asked for for my birthday so now i have four sets, which gets me a whole lot closer to my ideal situation of having enough sheets to be able to change the sheets every two days. also theres a pink set and a red set and pink and red are my favourite colours, so the bedding situation almost couldnt be any better. what else. my family stayed the nite in this hotel on upper james and i stayed with them and had the most horrid sleep ever. i also bought courtland a pair of those shoes with the wheel in the heel which i dont really understand but he really likes them and that made me happy. he doesnt ask for much so i thought id spoil him a little. my mum and i saw where the truth lies and its so true that the stupid three way sex scene was no big deal and that american censorship is a little out of control, what with censoring the littlest bit of tasteful, relevant to the story sex, but letting all sorts of meaningless violence go unchecked all over teh place. anyway what else. before my work and family and everything i had my friday afternoon with sabrina. since her birthday had been the past tuesday, her parents wanted to take her to the fair for friday and they asked me to come with them so i could go on the rides with her because the rides make them puke. so i went and it was lots of fun, and some of the carneys let her on for free because of her disabilities which was sort of cool cause i always forget about her disabilities and i dont expect any charity for her when were out. anyway so we went on a bunch of rides and teh scrambler felt a lot faster than i remember it. sabrinas mum said that it did look like it was going pretty fast, but i think im jsut getting old. so that was the weekend. today it was back to school and i had a very productive day. i went and dropped off my pay sheet at teh special needs office (late! ooops!) and then i went to the drugstore, and i picked up my scarf and mitts from the bar because i forgot them there on sunday, and i had class, and then i got a bunch of books from teh library to use for sources for my lab reports that are due next week, and i guess thats about it.


Rosa Benito said...
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MistryZ said...

3 way sex scene I dont remember that part!! Oh well looks like I missed out! When was it ur bday I dont remember it being ur bday? What button, who said that, who took my false teeth?!!? I guess i better turn up my hearing-aid.

kate said...

yo, chloe. i couldn't see this thing for days! blogger was being a bitch (or maybe i kept typing in the address wrong because i am a useless human being).

anyway, good to hear thanksgiving was fun. this thing is a nice way to keep updated on your adventures.