Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Making a Dent

well i finally finished my ecology lab, references and all, and now im taking a quick blog break before i try to start my religion assignment, which will probably end in my getting frustrated and then quitting and then trying to do my invertebrate web assignment instead. anyway so yes. today i had volunteering at the alternative school, and it was lots of fun. i taught the grade eights about trophic levels and trophic level pyramids and they seemed interested and engaged. not to mention all of the kids were really friendly towards me when i arrived which made me happy because its nice to feel appreciated. also a couple of the girls said they like my glasses, that they were pretty, which was nice. i wore the same glasses as i wore last week, so i think im going to wear the other pair next week, just to change it up a little. i know it sounds ridiculous that im planning what glasses to wear a week in advance, but it matters! anyway after i finished my volunteering, i was going to go home but i changed my mind and went to school instead and i finally got around to looking at the journal articles that im supposed to look at for my invertebrate seminar, and then i emailed my lab partner (who also happens to be doing the same seminar topic as me. actually thats really why we ended up as lab partners, because we both were doing the same seminar so him and i became acquaintances, and well, we just partnered off from there. hes a good lab partner. no sense of humour, but hes patient and thorough. if theres one thing that drives me crazy its people who rush through labs, so all in all id say we get on jsut fine) about how were going to divide up the topic so that we dont both present the same seminar twice in one day. not only would that make us both look like idiots, but it would be very boring for the rest of the class, and im sure whoever went second would get a fairly bad peer evaluation. so then after that i went to ecology which was pretty funny. my teacher usually uses powerpoint but he was fussing around with the overhead projector because he had an announcement from the department. he finally got the thing working and he slaps up the overhead, and the event he was trying to announce about happened a week ago. so i was like, that was last week. and he was like oh, how embarassing. it was funny, at least it was before class started, so i and teh girl beside me were really the only ones that noticed. anyway, i guess thats about it for today.

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