Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why Have An Office If You Aren't Sitting In It?

alright i made this a seperate post from the last one because the two thoughts are terribly terribly unrelated. also it gives you, my faithful readers, more bang for your buck because you get to be like, oh look, two new posts how exciting. instead of one long one which isnt very exciting and also less likely to be read all the way through. anyway so today i went to ray procwats office to get some journal articles for my invertebrate lab thats due tomorrow. ray procwat is this administrative guy in the biology department, a very nice guy with a very lot of things to do. anyway so for whatever reason he has been made keeper of the photocopies of the invertebrate journal articles and when i got there he was not there, so naturally he had his door shut and locked with all of the precious articles inside. why they are inside, i could not say, because his office is inside of a bigger office, so couldnt they put the articles in a filing cabinet in the outer office somewhere so that when he is gone we can still access them? wouldnt that make sense? i mean why do they have to be under lock and key when hes not there. especially since we can get them at the library, which i tried yesterday, but 2 of them were off the shelves, meaning someone else was somewhere in the library looking at them, which is why i was at rays office in the first place. anyway i waited around for him for a while but he didnt come and i decided that i was wasting precious lab writing time by waiting around so i left. and now im wasting more precious lab writing time blogging. terrible.

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