Monday, November 21, 2005

Go Lab, Go

well today i had the most all encompassing day ever. in my little internal schedule that i have set for the week, i have decided that tonite (monday) i MUST complete my invertebrate lab that is due on thursday in order to have time to do my enormous english essay that is also due thursday that i havent even chosen a topic for. so in order to do this lab i had to go get the data from the life sciences building because the data is in the form of photocopies of strips of paper with lines on them. anyway the data was made available to us on friday but i couldnt go get it friday cause i had to work and i couldnt go on the weekend because i had to work. so today was teh day. so i didnt actualyl know where my tas office was, but my lab group had told me that that was where we were supposed to pick up the infamous data. so im wandering around life sciences and not seeing any data anywhere. so i decide that this isnt going so well so i go to the library to try and see if i can find the tas office number on the internet somewhere. this proved to be a complete waste of time, so i ended up emailing my lab partner with the hope that maybe he would get back to me within an hour or so. so in order to kill some time i got a little lunch (or maybe i did that before the email... yes i think thats actually how it went) anyway, and then i headed back to life sciences to try the fifth floor because i hadnt tried there yet. anyway i was still having no luck so i decided to swallow my shyness and go ask my teacher.
now, my teacher is a little crazy. i think he has a deep seated phobia of undergrads and i know he was eager to get me out of his office as soon as humanly possible, but he was nice and took me to my tas office which was on teh second floor after all, with no label on the door (of course! why would they label the door? if they did that people might actually find the things that theyre looking for!), and this little adventure included a very awkward elevator ride with my teacher as i tried very poorly to shoot the shit with him.
anyway so he knocks on the door of the office and someone answers and he bolts like a bat out of hell, leaving me at teh mercy of this INSANE office that is like 20 little tiny cubicles with tas all working sweatshop style on who knows what but theres a combination lock on the door so im sure it has something to do with taking over the world. so anyway i ask my ta where the data is, and she starts chastising the hell out of me. shes all like i told everyone to get it on friday and youre not the first student to be asking for it this late and i dont understand why this is and blah blah blah. anyway in amongst her chastising i determined that she did not KNOW where the data was because she only made ONE copy for each group and so if the data wasnt lying in a box on the floor in one of the hallways of the enormous building then it was probably gone. but then, after more chastising she told me she still had the originals and that i could borrow mine and photocopy it and bring it back. so then she asks me over to her desk and starts wading through all of the originals except for one and mine wasnt there... and shes looking and looking and looking and not finding mine but she keeps over looking this one, which of course was mine. so she gives it to me finally and chastises me some more for starting the lab so close to the due date. then shes like oh yes and heres your last lab report, and pulls it out of a drawer and shes like i really liked your lab report a lot. most of the students jsut wrote a lot about other papers and didnt consider their own results enough but you didnt do that you write good lab reports, you do it properly. and then she starts giving me all these amazing compliments on my mad lab writing skills and finally gives the report to me, which she had assigned a big fat 90 to. so i was all thanking her and stuff and then i left to make my photocopies feeling very confused indeed.
anyway so i make my photocopies and then my day was more or less uneventful except for this part where some guy told a bus driver to fuck off for letting more people on the bus which was totally uncalled for, and the part where i had to make more photocopies of journal articles... i think ive spent like at least 30 dollars on photocopies this term. its really sickening how much paper ive had to waste. if i have to make one more photocopy, i think i might puke.

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MistryZ said...

Why didn't you make small talk with the Prof? Who could have said "Hows the kids and then continued to talk about urs" And then you should have tried to pick him up. Bahahaha thats just awkward more soooo.