Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Productivity Is Relative

well yesterday i didnt really do very much homework, but i did clean up the apartment (except for the bathroom, damn do we need some liquid plumber in there) and i bought groceries. i finally decided to be adventurous and by vegetarian bacon.. its actually pretty good. i just hate it when i buy groceries though because although i save money on eating out when i have food in the house, i tend to spend the following couple of days pigging out just because of the novelty of it. maybe i should start buying foods i dont like very much, and then this wont happen. anyway so right now im eating lime crispy minis which are new as far as i know. theyre good, not as good as miss vickies lime and black pepper chips, and not as good as the dill pickle crispy minis, but theyre better than say, the caramel ones. also i have been having the most amazing breakfast drink of all time lately. matt had bought some plain yoghurt but he didnt know what it tasted like, and he discovered he doesnt like it at all, so he asked me if i could find a use for it. i certainly could. ive been mixing my vanilla soy powder with vanilla soy milk and then adding the plain yoghurt to it and then topping it all off with mango nectar. this morning i had it with apricot nectar. needless to say the whole thing really makes my day and im glad because ive never been one for eating breakfast but everyone is always telling me i should. i also realised that my entire diet pretty much consists of liquids and sandwiches, with little variation.

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Anonymous said...

it's 1:30 in the morning... i'm working on my second religious studies essay in which i'm using vegetarianism as my topic... it's worth half my mark, due tomoro, pretty much started tonight and i'm probably going to be working on it for the next successive 15 hours or so.
and that post made me LAUGH!... ha. i hope that maybe i can look at it in another 10 hours and it will make me laugh again... because as of late, it is a mystery to me why i find it funny. maybe it was the soy powder. or my head exploding in my skull at WHY i chose this goddamn essay topic.

keep up the good work.
love, shay. your eternal blog reader and periodic comment poster.