Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bonne Fete

well well well. its certainly been a while since i posted. this past weekend i went to my parents and that was good times... i saw my sisters dance thing and that was good times too. anyway and then last night was my super amazing birthday bash with my coworkers. jen was supposed to come but decided not to, and matt came for a little while then went home. anyway it was mad good times i wish jen had come she would have had a lot of fun. we all had lots to drink and there were lots of pictures being taken and i got many hugs and kisses from my mad good times coworkers. not to mention i didnt have to pay for any drinks at all. also i wore my pink pants and pink just makes everything right. anyway so then this morning i called kate and woke her up and talked to her for an hour. to tell the truth i didnt feel too bad about waking her up because we dont get to talk too often and i was bored out of my tree lying around in bed waiting until it was time for school. so then i remembered that i have dinner plans with amit tomorrow. im glad i realised because i wouldnt want to stand him up. anyway i guess thats it.

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MistryZ said...

How come i didnt know about it?? OH NO CHLOE hates me sooooooo for not showing up!!!!!