Friday, November 04, 2005

Eating Out: Amit and Chloé's First Restaurant Review

Amit’s Review:
So tonight Chloe and I went to this restaurant called Gates of India to get some sweet Indian Lovin (mmmm Indian love). So we get down there, and Chloe was quite impressed with the atmosphere because it matched her clothes so well. With a table for two by candlelight, I take charge and start ordering some foods (mmmeees hungry). I start with two mango lassis, one order of vegetable pakora and one order of onion bhaji. The lassi was the opposite of sour and the pakoras and bhajis were fried to perfection. Main course consisted of mushroom sag and sag aloo bhaji with three kinds of Indian breads: poori (deep fried rotli), chapatti (lighty fried rotli) and naan. No doubt aboot it, the breads were ‘off the hook’ and the mushrooms were unbelievable. The aloo bhaji was challe (ok), but not as bad as I originally predicted. I had to scold Chloe for her illegal fork play, it is against the rules. I enjoyed the At-MOSS-FEAR, the service, the foods and the company; it was good times. To finish off the evening like always we got some good-o-fashion ras malai for dessert (I love you soooooooo). As a grant total I give this family food eatery a taiwanese plum.

Chloé’s Review:
So tonight we went to this restaurant called Gates of India to get some sweet Indian Lovin. Gut lovin, that is. Amit, being Indian had the great opportunity to show off his mad Indian skills to me, and needless to say I was impressed. When we walked in, the atmosphere was all red and gold, and went spectacularly with my outfit. Matching your outfit to the décor of a restauraunt is definitely a good omen I think. Anyway so Amit and I were given this table for two in the corner and it was very cozy with a candle, just like he predicted on the bus. He suggested that we start with these mango/yoghurt drinks, which were amazing. We perused the menu for a little while and then Amit ordered everything so as to disguise my incompetence. We got vegetable dumplings, onion dumplings, a mushroom dish, a spinach and potato dish, and three different kinds of bread. The server was courteous and swift, but I think that was a lot to do with the fact that Amit was with me. Anyway the food came and it was delicious, the mushrooms were especially amazing with a hint of spice and tons of flavour. Amit gave me grief for using cutlery because we were having a mad culture clash, me being a French food snob and him being Indian, so he made me surrender my cutlery, which was fine…. I wanted to assimilate. Anyway the food was delicious and we mostly gorged ourselves on bread. Then we had this pistachio/cheesy dessert thing and it was excellent, and it didn’t even make you feel over the top full. Finally, Amit paid the bill in a flourish of appearing like a married couple and we left, with him giving me this handful of after dinner mix stuff that was all fennel and candy and crunch. Overall, this restaurant gets a shining Phillipino mango. YUM. Up next, Mr. Noodle.

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