Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More On My Birthday

well, i finally got my birthday photos (thanks patch), one of which i dont even remember being taken. so without further ado, the photographic evidence.

This is a photo of patch and i, and is also the one i dont remember posing for. patch had the most amazing halloween costume ever, as you can see he has grown a mustache, and then he made a tshirt that said "mustache rides, 25 cents". classic. simple but genius. in the wordes of winger, i wish i had a quarter.
This is a photo of me molesting shannon. the circumstances surrounding this photo are excellent. you see patch, who was the one taking pictures, was on all accounts, pretty bombed, and he was like "ok, chloé and shannon, i want your picture, but i want it to be good, so go stand in the corner" and we were like "ok!" so then once we got to the corner, he was like "now do something sexy" so CLEARLY my ONLY option was to molest shannon.... i had been wanting to all nite anyway.

Finally, we have the picture of chloé and clancy posing as zombies. clancy looked even more like the undead before i fixed the red eyes. now he just looks like hes a million miles away. gotta love the last hour of the nite.


MistryZ said...

Who wouldn't want to be molested by u! I know I can't wait for the dayyyyyyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

haha agreed.
chloe, chloe is so seexxxyyyy.
i still don't get the point of typing the letters i see in the box below if i chose to log in as anonymous. i don't care for anyone to explain it to me either. but i thought u might like to know.
THERE! i posted again :)

Anonymous said...

crap, now i can post something else too cuz u went offline before i responded several hours later to your message:
you think holding hands is all in the fingers, grab hold of the soul where the memory lingers says:
welli want to come

- - come on, let's get pissed n watch porn.. - - says:
that is excellent! i will be sure to let u know when it is. and if i decide to not be in the recital because 1. i suck and 2. the song is only a minute long, then i'll give u a special show. bbaabbbyy. ha.

the end.
shay again. anonymous again (ooOoo the letters are fiery red this time).

the mother unit said...

ok it is offical clancy is a hunk...and chloe is beautiful...of course..they would make extremely pretty babies...momxo