Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Am The Walrus

well i dont think ive ever mentioned it on here (although i could be mistaken, as i tend to mention the most irrelevant of facts here) but i have a subscriptioin to the walrus, which is a more or less excellent canadian magazine. the only really negative thing i have to say about it is the literature articles tend to embody the kind of exasperating pretentiousness that seems to surround every facet of the canadian art world, which i have no patience for. not to mention they are total margaret atwood disciples, BUT that being said, the journalistic pieces and the fiction and such that get published in the magazine are excellent, so all in all, its pretty decent. ANYWAY the walrus is apparently having a "guilty pleasures" writing contest, whose deadline for submission is july 31, and it says in the magazine to check www.walrusmagazine.com/guiltypleasures for full contest rules. well, if you click on the link i so kindly provided, there is no website to be read, and if you just go to www.walrusmagazine.com and search for the contest using keywords, you cant find it either. so i think the people at the walrus sent the magazine to print before they had the webpage up and running, and since you get the hardcopy about a month before the actual date printed on the magazine, it has made for a rather frustrating turn of events. anyway, way to go guys, way to go.

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