Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For A Short Week, It's Looking Mighty Long

well, yesterday was family day, perhaps the greatest of the made up and pointless holidays, except for perhaps arbor day or simcoe day..... anyway, given that dave quacks at me if i dont take my long weekends (even though i cant really afford to) i took yesterday off and dave and i had a very pleasant and relaxing long weekend together. the condensed version is that we went to his parents' for dinner on saturday night and i made vegetarian shepherd's pie. highlights include the fact that i got to wear my red blouse that i got for christmas and the fact that dave's mum doesnt seem to understand that i do not work with senior citizens. i guess, in her mind, all senior citizens are intellectually disabled, the corollary of which is that she is herself, a senior citizen. sunday nite we sort of accidentally ended up at this HORRIBLE restaurant (i thought it was a deli, because, you know, it said it was on the sign) and then we went to trevor's which was fun. we also stumbled upon the biggest used music store i have ever seen and i was perusing this book of hilarious passive-aggresive notes. and then on monday we drove around. good times.
anyway, so today is tuesday, and of course i keep forgetting that it's tuesday and i keep thinking its monday. this is even more confusing because i shuffled my schedule around a little bit this week for various boring reasons that i wont go into here, so my work day today has not been like a usual tuesday for me.
i picked anne up at 11 and she was looking radiant in this cute white jacket that she has. the coffee that she was spilling on it as she waited for me was particularly striking; a lovely contrast with pristine white, as always. i popped into crazy bills convenience on our way downtown to buy smokes and an iced tea and i shot the shit with the cashier for a little while. then we left and hopped on the bus and invaded barb's space for a couple of hours. nothing too exciting happened there, and now we are at the concession street library killing time before i take her home. as you can see, comrades, this is why the blogging just hasnt been happening lately. all of my days are just a scrambled variation of this one. after i drop anne off, i have to go pick up samantha, who i will be taking to the jackson square library to get a library card and to have some dinn dinns. although we wont be having dinn dinns at the library, obviously, we will be having it at the food court. and by we i mean samantha because i am poor and will probably just have a tea and then eat something when i get home. anyway, while i am at the library with samantha, i need to pick up a book for my philosophy course because i have to get going on my next paper. im a little irritated about this situation. the paper is due next thursday, and our ta wont be able to give us back the first paper we wrote until monday because this week is reading week, so really, we have to at least get started on our papers without having his feedback first. although, i suppose, if i was still at school full time i probably wouldnt even be starting this paper until wednesday night, at which point i wouldnt even have this complaint. but only having this one course has made it very easy for me to get my work done well in advance if i feel like it, so of course ive decided to feel irritated about something that wouldnt normally even affect me otherwise. anyway, this post is getting very long and im boring even myself. so dear comrades, if you are still with me, lets hope that my next post is a little more interesting.

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