Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's Give This Another Go

my good and noble comrades. it has been far, far too long. so long, in fact, that i doubt i even HAVE any good and/or noble comrades reading this anymore. but, let's not be sad about that, im happy to announce that i am going to try and make another go of my blog. although i still do not have the internet at my house, i am taking one course at school which has me on campus three times a week, not to mention my frequent visits to barb's house which all put me in the proximity of the internet, so instead of just passively reading callie's blog and wishing i still blogged, i shall actually use my opportunities to blog, should the mood strike. apparently, the mood has stricken.
ANYWAY, the saddest news i can think to report is that despite my long and profound silence, not really much has happened since i last posted. i continue to work too long for too little pay, and i am barely keeping my head above water. so instead of dwelling on my pathetic existence, lets talk about blog updates.
the links to the right have been updated. that is to say, callie's current blog is now on there instead of her old one that she never writes on anymore. i made a couple of minor (and probably indistinguishable) changes to my profile. i almost thought my ability to edit my blog had vanished, until i realised that i was trying to sign in with the wrong email account. balls. luckily, that crisis was averted, as is evidenced by the fact that i am creating this post.
anyway, since this post is very technical and boring, i think i will try a new one that is a little more interesting.

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callie said...

i'm glad your blog has been reignited, most unfortunately with a loser post, but good nonetheless.