Friday, November 03, 2006


i have no love story to tell. no tale of eyes meeting across a crowded room. no whispered sweet nothings and talk of forever. no words to fill an eternity, no silences to fill a soul. no story of bubbling insatiable passion, of restlessness, of excitement and fear. no wide eyed starry nights of euphoria and self centredness. no first kisses, or hundreth kisses that still feel like first kisses. no words for always. no talk of destiny. i have no love story to tell.


Anonymous said...

you're right... it did make me kinda sad :(.
but at least I POSTED ON UR BLOG.... hoorraayy.......

love, shay.

MistryZ said...

Oh! At first I thought this post was about a Christina Milian song. You know Someday One Day, which goes like this:

But I'll tell you someday I'm gonna find, A guy that's gonna change my life, and I tell you one day just wait and see, True love is waiting out there for meeee

WOoooooohoooooo yEAAAAAAAAAA!