Monday, February 19, 2007

My Quest

well, what a day this has been. i set off this afternoon to see an apartment way a ways on the east side of hamilton. the girl i was supposed to meet never showed. so, i started hoofing it back instead of taking the bus to write down apartment phone numbers that i saw that i might be interested in. it was a long and treacherous walk (well not that treacherous) and i went to an apartment building i had seen had an open house closer to downtown. the super showed me an apartment and he was a very nice guy, and if i moved there, i would be allowed to have a dog. so thats pretty exciting, i just don't know if i can afford it. im looking at another place tomorrow thats about the same price, in a house. and im going to go down to this other building near my old place thats a little cheaper tomorrow. its all a little unnerving, but a little exciting too. i hope i can find a way to make my big grown up life work. as i was on the bus driving towards the no show, i couldnt help but feel i was looking for my future. or even my destiny. and as i was walking back, i kept seeing people with dogs and i wanted to accost them, saying "where do you live! get me a place in your building!" but of course i didnt.

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