Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friday Night

i am walking from the bus stop to the liquor store in the sketchbag part of town, cursing myself for being in this predicament, since i am dressed to the nines, tits and legs on proud display, possibly attracting unwanted attention. not to mention i am wearing shoes that have never fit me very well and my feet already hurt. experience tells me i have time for a cigarette on this walk, and especially this time, considering how slowly i am walking. my hairdo has already come undone and i havent even been to the party yet. sighing, i realise i am going to have to take a cab from the store to the party. after exiting the liquor store, heavy bag ready to be used as a weapon if necessary, i hobble to the nearest payphone to call a cab. while i wait, i end up having to redo my hair twice, finally getting it to stay put. i hope it looks nice. later people will tell me it does, but since i have no mirror at the moment, i can only hope. the cab arrives and the cabby is chatty, much better than the cabby i will tolerate several hours later on the way home. the party is lots of fun, although i am at least 15 years younger than everyone there, i am at least wearing the sexiest outfit. full of red wine and high spirits, i leave for niks show. the band comes on very late and i fall asleep several times waiting for them. in a fit of bad social skills i beeline to the door after, stopping only to use niks phone to call yet another cab. after a hellish ride with the aforementioned lousy cabby, i trundle up to bed, navigating my way across the sea of laundry and garbage on my bedroom floor. necklace gets put away, dress hung up on the scratching post, and at last, i rest.

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