Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This and That

i never work as hard as i could, and i never study as hard as i should. i dont know what this means. i wanted to quote waiterrant on here about something, but i dont feel like searching for the quote. speaking of waiterrant, i have finally finished reading the whole entire thing. crazy and beautiful, i say. also, i have found, through waiterrant, a fake newspaper about restaurants written in the same style as, called dont tip the waiter. worth checking out id say. not as funny or endearing as waiterrant, but worth the read nonetheless. in other news, after having a huge argument with kyle over the moral implications surrounding the existence of veggie ham, i put veggie ham in the toaster and ate it on crackers with goat cheddar. it was delicious, but my crackers were a little stale. also, i am the proud creator of the best cheesecake i have ever had. ever. go me. that makes the list of things i make the best ive ever had include: key lime pie, cheesecake, vegetarian lasagna, honey dijon potatoes, tea biscuits, and blondies. my bread would also be a close second to my dads. not surprising since hes the one who taught me to make bread. anyway, so i should probably get back to half assing my way through russian. ps. you should all go see the fountain. very artsy and thought provoking. do it.

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