Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Knitting!

stuffed bunny
black makeup bag
purple clutch
toddler sweaterbaby hat
other baby sweater
plus size sweater

brown clutch
twirly top toque
twirly top toque from the side

hooded jacket for my mum

vintage style jacket with frog closures

scrunchie top


Vasundhra Chiyertra said...

God bless you. I have no idea how you do all of this. I have just started knitting and am totally baffled. You officially have a fan.

Callie said...

^ that's an awesome comment!
i love the vintage sweater and purple clutch. i was holding it with some outfits earlier today to see how it looks with my wardrobe, and it looks. and the beret.
and that bunny is so adorable, i want one.
i was thankfully having a really good hair day when i modelled that sweater. maybe i do like pink after all.

full_of_puppy_love said...

only you would be "holding the clutch with some outfits" lol

Sara said...

I know how to knit a scarf, and that's about it. These are awesome! I want a hat!!!

Anonymous said...

awww no bare butt people this time :(

Allison said...

You are awesome. Great stuff. I love the little clutches.