Friday, November 05, 2010

I Don't Normally Do This

BUT this blog is just too titillating to not discuss! i think the last time i plugged a blog was back when i was reading waiterrant when i was working at the bar years ago, so dont worry, those of you who may care, i am not going to make a habit of blogging about other blogs. that being said, there is a brand new blog afoot, and i think its going to be my new favourite.
so, as i have mentioned before, particularly in this post, i have a bizarre fixation with obesity. without reiterating the entire post verbatim, i basically just want to get in the heads of these blubbery people and park it for a few days, because i really, really, really, want to know what the deal is. (for a better explanation, read the post).
which is where this little plug of mine comes in. a few fatties from 20sb have started their own blog called blogging blobs. this not-so-little project is five plus size american 20-somethings who have banded together to create a diet non-support group. each of them gets a different day of the week to tell us about how their diets are going and then the other four gang up and make fun of them. hilarious and informative. i totally reccommend this blog, especially for my comrades who share my fascination.
the only other thing i have to say about it is this: although they are all being very good humoured about it, i do think that they are all legitimately trying to take off the pounds. i just want to point out to all of them (if any of them are reading this) that although their failed attempts at self control over eating are a good start, they really should be getting more exercise, and the pounds will come a crashing down. just a thought.

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