Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Lovely Guest

hello all! so my lovely sister who has retired from blogging was kind enough to answer my eight questions so i am posting her answers here:

1) do you have a good sense of direction? please explain with hilarious anecdotes.
somehow, dear sister, i know this is related to your psychotic geocaching.
i like to think i do. for example, one time my sister took me on a psychotic geocaching adventure and we searched for a long time with a GPS and didn't find anything, so we went home.
oh, wait.
well this other time cj and i could only get a ride part way home so we had to walk for an hour and a half to get the rest of the way. it was from wasaga beach to collingwood. it was a straight line. a highway, in fact. we both kind of fell asleep afterwards.
and my whole time at school i've been able to walk there all by myself. you have to take the main roads, but it's tricky, because you have to remember to turn left once.

2) what are your thoughts on people showing you pictures of their babies?
it's fine in moderation. as in, show me a single picture of the baby when it isn't dressed in something awful like a mini tuxedo and don't make an event of it--do it in passing, like as we walk past the picture on the wall where i may or may not chance a brief glance at it. most likely not. preferably you don't have your child in swaddling cloths overpowering your deco.

3) what was the last movie you watched? is it any good?
dirty dancing. it was ok, and i was watching it with someone i don't really know, so the jokes we made weren't especially funny since we don't know each other's humour. in the end, it was full of dancing in a dirty way and not really wearing pants.

4) what is your favourite place to be?
in my room, because that is the part of the world that is all mine and many things i love belong there. it is warm and pleasant and powerful, but not to anyone but me. it is uniquely my own and no-one else can truly get how my room and i connect. it has a force. i feel at home there. it is full of my deepest emotions.
also on stage, because performing is one of the greatest, most satisfying and incredible feelings in the world. it conjures such joy in me. the feeling when your line gets the laugh, when your song gets the tears, when your show gets the standing ovation--it is beyond explainability. i feel at home there too.
and one more--rehearsal for being on stage eventually. you are with your new and special family, with your inside jokes and crazy antics and fond, fond memories. there is casual clothing and endless giggles and screwing up lines in such a way that you never forget. you have laughs and deep talks and you bicker and hug and you are obnoxious, no matter who you are. that is my third, but not least important, home.

5) what was your favourite food that your mum used to make?
she still makes these things: caesar salad dressing, vegetarian "cheeseburger [no idea why she calls it this]" spaghetti sauce, chocolate chip cookies, greek salad, magic mud and play-dough.

6) if you could change your name to anything, what would it be?
stevie, after stevie nicks, because that is what my mom wanted to name me but my dad said no and i think it would be cool to have a guy name, especially named after an awesome musician.

7) who would win in a fight between a bear and a shark? why?
you have a weird fetish with this question. you are absolutely, irrefutably out to lunch.
although logically i would like to say the two don't even know of each other's existence and therefore would not fight, i know that logic is quite literally out of the question, at least in that respect. however, as much as i like sharks (actually, i like bears too), i'd say a bear would win. bears have experience lashing at fish, which in the real-life case would be smaller and far less vicious, like salmon, but it is experience in both worlds nonetheless. the bear could simply train and reapply this technique on a larger scale. the bear, being smaller, could manipulate his movements more quickly and precisely. while sharks have teeth on their side, their mouths are awkward and i don't imagine they would be able to bite the bear very effectively, and their 'bumping' technique with the snout may deter a bear temporarily, one can only bump for so long before the bear claws out an eye and mutilates tongue and gums. in addition, there is no equal ground i can think of for these two to fight, except perhaps in free fall, as this would confuse the bear and the shark couldn't breathe. the battledome has a large influence on the outcome.

8) what is the most annoying thing that happened to you this week?
i had to get up extremely early today and sit on a bus for three hours and the two sitting behind me droned on and on and on and on and on about the most mind-numbing topics known to the universe the entire time and there was nothing i could do but be exhausted and listen, as i am typically unable to sleep in vehicles and i am very in tune with details, like other people's conversations, no matter how bland and annoying.

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