Friday, October 15, 2010


good news comrades! i was up in the meadowlands with anne on tuesday (the meadowlands is this suburb of hamilton that takes forever to get to by bus, which is why i like taking anne there, because it kills a whole day for us) and i decided to drop into michaels (the craft store) to see if they had any buttons i could use on this baby sweater i made. sadly, they didnt seem to have any that were reasonably priced, and the selection was terrible, BUT i found the motherlode of affordable wool for my knitting projects. ok maybe not the motherlode... that would be the textiles warehouse i went to years ago and still cant seem to relocate, but it is good to have other options than just zellers for when zellers doesnt have what im looking for.
on a related note, the reason we were in the meadowlands in the first place was because i was going to home depot to get dowels to finish these clutch bags i was working on. i found the dowels i wanted and was pleased as punch to be able to cut them right there at the self serve cutting station. anyway, i must have been drinking crazy juice or something, because after i cut three sections off the dowel, i decided to leave the rest behind. this was doubly stupid, because first of all, i had to pay for the whole piece, including the part i left behind, and second of all i needed FOUR sections to finish my clutches, not THREE, so i dont know what the hell i was smoking. anyway, the clutches are still incomplete, but anne and i had a really nice time up there, so that was good.

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