Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Brief Flirtation With Arbitrary Observations

hello comrades! anne and i are here at the library this fine tuesday and it is rainy and cold and nasty out. i hope the weather is better wherever you are, but we are making the best of it. we are actually using the computer beside the guy who is here every. single. day. all. day. long. he uses the computers all day to read novels (i think thats what hes reading) which i find bizarre, since this is a library after all, and he can take out any book he wants and go anywhere with it! but therein lies the mystery. he is just one person on a long list of people that i am fascinated by and would love to get into their brains and write a fabulous book about them. perhaps one day.
in other library news, i just got busted checking out some guy's sweater and i had to explain that i knit and looked like a total freak on wheels. now this guy is probably wants to get in my head and write a book about me.

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Callie said...

"freak on wheels"
stealing that.