Friday, October 22, 2010

Go, Go Gadget Democracy!

well comrades. now that the initial polling is all done, the mayoral candidates have been narrowed down to three front runners, which makes my whole issue of figuring out who to vote for a little bit easier. i was able to eliminate one candidate immediately: he was the mayor when i was in university, and i didnt like him for a variety of reasons. so we are down to two, and i have to admit i am torn. i like both of their ideas.
the current mayor has the following things going for him that i like 1) he has a very green agenda 2) he is committed to improving transit and has followed through on that committment 3) he seems to be pro cyclist.
the other guy, on the other hand, is also committed to transit (so he says) and is the only candidate as far as i can tell who has made any mention of even addressing accessibility issues in hamilton. so im not sure. he seems very by the book and no nonsense, but isnt that what you need in a leader? i am very torn. obviously, the current mayor has had four years to prove to us that he is trying to follow through on his campaign promises, and i think for the most part, he is doing a pretty decent job. the accessibility issues are a big one for me, though. i think i shall have to consult with barb. i know she is planning on voting for the current mayor again, but who knows? these are tough decisions. i shall let you know how it all turns out. knowing my luck i will forget to go vote anyway. hahaha. just kidding. ive never done that.

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