Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Democracy At Work

so the municipal elections are coming up, and since i am always going on about democracy and how we all need to vote, i feel i need to not be hypocritical and vote this time around too. ive never voted in the municipal elections, only the provincial and federal ones, and now that im trying to be an active participant in this whole process, im beginning to see why ive never bothered before.
i am trying to find a simple list of all the candidates' websites, particularly the mayoral candidates so i can make an informed decision and all that jazz, and apparently that doesnt exist. there are so many candidates and i have to vote for three and i just want to find a concise directory of websites! even a list of their names! why is this so difficult in this day and age? and then they wonder why voter turnout is so low. people dont want to go looking for this kind of information, they just want it to appear at their doorstep.
thats why people like the provincial and federal elections. even though you arent SUPPOSED to vote for a party, most people do because its easier. which party do i like? blue, red, orange green or independent? its basically picking a colour. which weve all been doing since kindergarten. anyway, im hoping to get some information into my brains before the day is over, but im not holding my breath.

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