Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big News, Everybody!

hello comrades! i have some exciting news to share!!!! yesterday, i made two very big and related decisions. the first is that i have decided to set a date to quit smoking. i have never done this before, and ive never wanted to, but now i have and i do. the date is going to be june first, and im going to do it, because i feel ready. im already smoking a quarter of what i was a year and a half ago, and i just dont feel like cigarettes have the hold on me that they once did. it used to be that every moment of every day i was thinking, at least in part, of when i would have my next cigarette, and i really dont feel that way anymore. so i think the time is right.
the second, and far more exciting decision is that the REASON i am going to quit smoking is because i am going to start training for a triathlon!!!! huzzah!!!! where did this come from? well, as im sure my regular readers know, i have always been a pretty bang up swimmer and i do distance cycling every day because i dont have a car. i have always said that im just one sport away from a triathlon. the reason i have never tried to pursue it until now, is i just thought i was physically incapable of running. growing up, i was always a terrible runner, and nowadays im paranoid about hurting my fragile knee. however, last week i was so bored of my usual workout at the gym that i decided to try the treadmill and see how it went. i told myself that if i had any pain in my knee at all, i would stop immediately. it went really well, and ive been using it since. i do have a groin injury that bothers me a little bit, but ive been doing lots of stretching before treadmilling and its getting better. so, i think that triathletics might actually be within my realm of possibility. im super excited about it, and i shall keep you abreast of what is going on.

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callie said...

that is exciting! i'm glad you're quitting smoking. that's awesome. and ambitious