Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Put Trudeau's Face On Money

hello comrades. i am not sure how many of my readers are canadian.... i know my sister is and i know jen vandervecht is, but im only 100% sure that 50% of those people actually read my blog, so its a relative question. anyway, in the event that anyone else is reading this and they are in fact canadian, i have started a facebook group called "Canadians in Favour of Putting Trudeau's Face on Money." although i feel this goes without saying, i shall briefly explain. pierre trudeau was canada's most famous and popular prime minister. i get the feeling there are some people who werent that impressed with him, but even THOSE people cant ignore the fact that he bears most of the responsibility for getting us our canadian charter of rights and freedoms. this is the equivalent of the american bill of rights, and it is the highest law in the land. with it, we are protected by law to enjoy all sorts of things like freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and freedom from discrimination. it is also surprisingly readable. anyway, i am hoping to get enough support for my group that the government might actually take notice, so click the above link to join and lets make a difference in our country!

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