Monday, April 02, 2007

Gifts From God

today, i want to send this post out to my dear friend amit. in this trying time of my life, where i have been struggling with just about everything, i have really learned that friends are gifts from God. amit and i met one fateful day in plant biodiversity lab, and we have been adventuring together ever since (see posts about my birthdays, and many restaurant reviews, and just general posts about my adventures). today i had some trials. i was struggling to come up with a thesis for my ecology paper, and then at swimming, in spite of acheiving a personal best, i had a bit of a run in with my coach. long story short, i wasnt happy with my performance during a set and my coach hauled me out of the pool to give me a talk about how im doing well and he didnt mean to push me too hard and that i should take pride in the team no matter what and so on and so forth and since im a big overachiever, this display of kindness in the face of feeling lousy just made me more upset. so anyway i just got home, and im feeling like crap, and then theres an msn message on my computer from amit that im not answering my phone. so i call him back and i didnt even tell him about my lousy day and hes like want to grab coffee. and im like, yes, yes i do. and so i want to thank you, amit, for always being there for me. and i want you (and everyone who reads my blog) to know that i am so thankful to God for bringing us together. weve both had our trials and struggles, and weve both driven each other up the wall at times, but if there's one thing im taking from four years of mcmaster, it is our friendship.


MistryZ said...

Awwwwwww THANKS CHLOE!!!!!!!!!!!!

MistryZ said...

Your friendship means a LOT to me too!!!!!!!