Friday, April 20, 2007

That Crazy Redhead

well, since i was just visiting my uncle, i had a chance to do some catching up with archie comics, a guilty indulgence of mine that i only participate in at his house, because my cousin still collects them. i wish i still had my old books... maybe ill start buying them again. anyway, so i was trying to avoid learning about cell migration for the second time when i decided to go on the archie comics website. needless to say, the "note to parents" is hilarious. it discusses, in detail, how the website is supposed to depict the characters in "the wholesome manner in which they are depicted in the books" and they adhere to a number of guidlines to meet this standard the last of which is, AND I QUOTE: "[that the characters] never be shown engaging in any activity which is contradictory to the commitment of ACP to the use of the characters to promote good dental and personal hygiene."
HAHAHAHA there it is folks, archie and the gang exist, in part, to help promote good dental hygiene!!!! in all my years of reading archies, ive RARELY seen any of tehm brush their teeth, and i dont think ANY of them have ever been to the dentist. not to mention the bottomless sundaes and piles of candy and bubble gum jughead goes through. dental hygiene. man, that made my day.

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Anonymous said...

lol. so poignant.