Thursday, December 03, 2009


SOOOOOOO i have been trying for literally DAYS to get my resumé printed off so i can take it to the bank because this woman who served me suggested i do so, and you will not BELIEVE how much trouble ive had. first i got it printed off but the fucking computers at the fucking library dont have fucking MS WORD so the other programme reformatted my resumé and i didnt notice until i got home. so then i went back to the library to reprint it and lo and behold i lost my FUCKING JUMP DRIVE. SO I WENT BACK TODAY TO START A NEW RESUMé IN THE FUCKING ALTERNATIVE TO WORD FUCKING PROGRAMME AND IT TOOK MORE THAN AN HOUR BECAUSE IT DOESNT HAVE RESUME TEMPLATES AND I HAD TO DO EVERYTHING MANUALLY AND THEN THE FUCKING LIBRARY COMPUTER SHUT ITSELF DOWN WITH NO WARNING AND IT WASNT SAVED.
so now im at an employment centre using a computer that does, in fact, have word. my resume is done, saved, printed ready to go. suck on that, library.

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Daniel Mark Wheaton said...

What? The library is a pain? A nuisance? Imagine!