Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Customer Service

believe it or not, i actually had a pleasant experience at the bank. crazy talk, i know. BUT i had an appointment and the woman who was supposed to see me had called in sick and i was like ok fine ill come back tomorrow and the customer service woman reversed my service fees for this month because of my inconvenience. and i walked out of there feeling just fine. now the point of this story is that as much as i thought it was very cool that this woman provided me with such good customer service so i didnt walk out of there in a blinding white rage (as i am wont to do) it really bothers me that this sort of thing should be the norm, not the exception. there was a time when you always got good service everywhere you went, and if you didnt, then someone's ass was getting fired. sadly, this doesnt seem to be the case anymore and i dont know why. but it drives me batshit crazy.

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