Friday, December 11, 2009

Hilarious Hobbies

so ive realised that the people who work at the shopper's drug mart next to my building probably think i am insane, and im ok with that. in fact, i have kind of gotten to a point where i find it entertaining how mental i always end up appearing when im there. allow me to enumerate my favourite highlights:
1) there was the time i was wearing my pyjamas and bought a two litre of gingerale (im thinking i was probably hung over). realising i looked like a mental case, i decided to try and look "saner" by purchasing some snacks as well. it wasnt till after that i realised the pyjamas werent really doing me any favours.
2) there was the time i was looking at the clearance rack for, oh, i dont know, 40 minutes or so and got into an altercation with the girl working because i opened a three dollar box of perfume to smell it. i ended up buying it, thinking, hah! i showed her by taking the high road! only to realise i hadnt bathed and was still wearing the makeup i had slept in the night before (i was definitely hung over that day)
3) which brings me to today. im pretty sure when i go in there, one of the staff kind of shadows me to make sure im not stealing. anyway, its like minus twenty today with the wind chill and the wind gusts are getting up and over 50 km/h. so, i had taken out my recycling and decided to buy a candle at shoppers because my apartment didnt smell right and i only wanted to leave the building once. so i was wearing my crocs with bare feet, my winter coat, my 12 foot wool scarf wrapped around my head and neck like some sort of eastern european matriarch, and was carrying a 16 litre bucket and four empty green bags. (remember: i had just taken out the recycling) and once again, i was in my pyjamas (although, i would like to point out that i was NOT hungover). anyway, so i was looking pretty mental when i purchased a single candle and left, but i was laughing myself silly on the way home.

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