Friday, January 08, 2010

The Latest in Library Drama

well anne and i are sitting here innocently using the 30 min express computer stations, and behind us in line there is some drama. apparently some girl almost tripped over some guys foot because she was looking at her cell phone and they had a big argument over who was being rude to who. *sigh* times are tough. speaking of which, my pay was surprisingly high, which is a good thing, but now im all paranoid there was some sort of accounting error or something. although my last pay was surprisingly LOW so i suppose it all works out even in the end. or maybe i was late submitting a paysheet or something and so it got carried over to this pay period. i dont know. i really. dont. know. this is why they should just pay me a salary instead of forcing me to keep track of 12 different paysheets every pay period that go to two different offices and come from three different funding sources. gotta love the government.

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Callie said...

i dig the title of this