Monday, January 18, 2010

Compare and Contrast

this is anne.

and THIS is an ethiopian.
what do these two people have in common? i have no idea. but, last week this REALLY old woman beckoned to me citing "wanting to talk to me" as her reason, which is usually bad news for the old wheelchair pusher. luckily enough, it turned out to be a dose of hilarity rather than the verbal abuse for which i had prepared myself. you see, this elderly lady told me that she had worked in ethiopia for thirteen years and so she was JUST WONDERING where anne was from. and i said, shes from canada. and the old lady said oh, really i was wondering if she might be ethiopian. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! no i said, she is canadian. i decided not to explain that she is native (i think she also has some black in her but i dont really know the details of her genealogy) because thats what this woman really wanted to know. i get so frustrated with this attitude that a lot of elderly people have where they assume that just because someone isnt white, they MUST be an immigrant. like give me a break. it was even more hilarious because anne, as i mentioned, is NATIVE so that means that her ancestors were here long before the pale faces, making her more canadian than the rest of us. anyway, i was giggling about this conversation for days because anne looks about as ethiopian as i do.

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The Ashes said...

Thats too funny