Monday, January 11, 2010

Pulitzer Worthy Journalism

im going to try something a little different today for a change of pace. im going to interview one of my clients, R----. so here goes.
me: so R, tell me something about your day today.
R: my mum is so silly and because my mum dont like me and...
me (and his mum laughing hard): R, that isnt true your mum likes you. but that isnt really about your day. what did you do today?
r: i went swimming... my life is the same like your life. we both have the same life.
me: but i havent gone swimming yet today. im going to go after i leave your house. so what are you going to do when i leave?
r: um, i dont know.
me: if you could say anything to the world right now, and they had to listen, what would you say?
r: um, i dont know. i dont know. um the weather is cold?
me: whats your favourite thing to do at school?
r: math
me: math? since when?
r: um today. because math is good. to make you learn.
(mum laughing in the background).

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Callie said...

i enjoyed this deep within