Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Should Have Worn My Boots Today

it was a tough call. i knew it was cold and my feets would get cold, but i also knew i would be wasting a disgusting amount of time indoors which would cause bebooted feets to sweat. so i went without but now its still really cold and i still have some outdoor wheelchair pushing to do before the day is done. the good news is i think i will be taking a pit stop at my place so i can go get my yeah.
anyway i finally caved and joined facebook. i find the whole thing a little confusing and i really do prefer blabbing on here but maybe being on there will rustle up some more readers! so welcome, new readers! please leave comments!
man this post is going no where fast. i really should get off my ass and finish the errands i had planned for today. im going to buy some protein powder and oil of oregano. i seem to be coming down with a cold. i left my oil of oregano at daves, but i find that its best for me to have one of everything at his place and one of everything at my place so i dont really have to worry about bringing stuff to and fro. except for my bathing suit and usually some knitting.


The Ashes said...

Facebook can be a great way to promote your blog

Faisal Admar said...

i agree with ashes. btw, i am a new reader here :)

Callie said...

yes. networking, getting your name out. you should have joined facebook ages ago.
and new reader person should read my blog too.
things i liked about this: "bebooted" and how it really did go nowhere at an alarming pace.
also the word verification i had to do was boodeb. pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

chloe i am so envious of your exciting life like totally!!!i could never maintain the pace and the mindboggoling or no boots i feel a headache coming on!!!ewwwwww give me strenght Lord!!!